Former CIA Officer: White House Is Lying About Petraeus Scandal

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"They're Lying!"
Former CIA Officer Gary Bernstein told Fox News that the White House is "lying" about when they knew about the affair which caused CIA Director David Petraeus to resign the day after the election.

Bernstein says that for the FBI to be "intercepting e-mails and reading the CIA Director emails and not reporting that to the White House is bull!"

The implication in all of this is that the White House has known, and has been holding this over Petraeus' head, in effect blackmailing him, as a means to keep him from testifying to Congress on what he knows about Benghazi, and the White House's role regarding a lack of support to the four American's killed in the attack, as well as what intelligence there was prior to the attack which may have prevented the deaths.

It has already been established that the original reason given by the Obama Administration for the attack, that it was because of a YouTube video which insulted Mohammed, was patently false, and in fact caused riots across the Middle East after the White House brought it to the forefront.

In addition, there have now been leaks, including from Petraeus' mistress, that the attacks were aimed at a secret CIA prison, or that the Obama Administration was engaging in a type of gun-running operation to jihadists which would be used to oust Syrian dictator Assad, and that this is the real reason that the Administration has been involved in a misinformation campaign and coverup about what really happened and the reason behind it.

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