NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL! Obama Calls Egypt's Morsi, Thanks Him For "Help" In Gaza Situation

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Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, member of the Islamo-nazi Muslim Brotherhood, who has vowed to stand by the Palestinians, and whose country has now fired missiles into Israel, must be feeling pretty smug right now.  Though openly hostile to Israel, America's strongest ally in the Middle East, President Barack Obama calls Morsi to thank him for helping to calm the Gaza conflict.
Regardless of what the vile Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has said, Barack Obama is not a friend to Israel, and neither is she.  For her to support someone who is as openly hostile to Israel, and its President, tells me this shmutsik sold out her people long ago, to follow her own selfish quest for power.

Obama Calls Egypt’s President Morsi To Thank Him For Helping “Calm” Situation In Gaza… Seemingly Unaware Morsi Threatened Israel Earlier In The Day…

Not only did Morsi threaten Israel but they crowd he was speaking to started chanting about killing Jews . . . and Obama thanks him for it.

(Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama called Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Friday to commend the country’s efforts to help calm the situation in Israel and Gaza and underscored his hope of restoring stability there, the White House said.  

Egypt’s prime minister, Hisham Kandil, has said Cairo is prepared to mediate a truce in the growing violence between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist group that runs the Gaza Strip. Egypt’s government is allied with Hamas, but is also party to a 1979 peace treaty with Israel.
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