Oh No! Unions May Kill Twinkies, Wonder Bread

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When are union members going to finally come to the realization that their leaders demands are not only killing companies, but their jobs with it in the process!

In their quest to get their "slice of the pie", union workers are being left only crumbs.  As demand for higher wages, exorbitant benefits packages, and other union demands drain companies of smaller and smaller profits, causing them to shut their doors, the workers whom the unions claim to represent, find themselves unemployed and looking for work at wages much less than they were accustomed to. Meanwhile, the union leaders are living high on the hog, having reaped windfalls from both the companies and the workers they were "protecting", and Michelle Obama is doing cartwheels in the White House living quarters as she envisions a national diet of arugula and celery sticks for kids.

As for the rest of us:  Save our twinkies!

Labor Fight Could Kill Off Twinkies, Wonder Bread
Posted on: 5:42 am, November 13, 2012, by Kelly Ruszkiewicz
By James O’Toole NEW YORK

(CNNMoney) — Twinkie-maker Hostess Brands said Monday that it could go into liquidation if its bakers continue striking in protest against a new contract imposed in bankruptcy court.

The company announced Monday that it was closing bakeries in Seattle, St. Louis and Cincinnati in response to the strike, cutting 627 jobs in total. The bakers’ strike, which began last week, continued Monday at around 24 of Hostess’ 36 plants, and Hostess CEO Greg Rayburn said the firm could close more bakeries or even move into liquidation if workers don’t return to their jobs soon.
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