Benghazi: Obama "Unconcerned" That Rice Lied, or Who Changed CIA Assessment

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It is now 78 days since the attack in Benghazi, which killed four Americans, including an Ambassador and two Navy SEAL's.  What have we "officially" learned about the attacks and who was responsible for it?  Thanks to this Administration, not much.  Nor does it appear they will be anymore forthcoming in the coming days/weeks/months, if ever.  In fact, WH spokesman Jay Carney tells us that Barack Obama is "unconcerned" with the fact that his Administration has misled  (Washington-speak for "lied") the American people, or that it appears that all of his talk of letting the "investigation" play out is nothing but a smokescreen.
If there is an investigation, I don't believe it is coming from any orders from the White House.  In fact, I believe they are putting up as many roadblocks as they can to hinder whatever investigations are occurring.
Anything that has been discovered up to this point has not come from the White House, but from a few intrepid reporters, and a few members of Congress who have looked into this.  Virtually all of the "facts" initially put out by this Administration have been debunked in their entirety.  Allegations as to reasons for the attack, such as the existence of a possible CIA detention facility in Benghazi, or maybe even more damaging, a weapons running operation to aid opposition forces in Syria, have been neither debunked or confirmed. The Obama Administration has simply chosen to ignore them, as it does all other things which show unfavorably on this Administration, and which they can be assured that a complicit media will give them cover on as well. The crazy thing is this: if the Obama Administration had just said from the beginning that the attackers were al Qaeda, instead of the reaction of a bunch of non-existent protestors to an obscure YouTube video, that probably would have been the end of it.  Instead, it continues to be the original lies which continue to fan the flames of a White House cover-up.
Nearly three months after the attacks, about the only thing that Barack Obama and his Administration have said is that they are "awaiting the findings"of what may be the longest "investigation" into the reasons behind a terrorist act in U.S. history, and that the President is fully supportive of those who lied to the American people, whether it be Susan Rice, or those who, for whatever reason, changed the CIA assessment which eliminated any mention of terrorism, and continued to ape their original story, that the attack was about a movie, for over a week, even after it was proven what they were saying was a lie.
If only Obama showed as much support for those Americans' on the ground in Benghazi as he does for his inner circle, maybe they would still be alive.

WH: Obama 'Is Not Particularly Concerned' Whether Susan Rice Misled the American People

From CBS:
Who changed the Benghazi talking points?

From The Weekly Standard
Obama: 'Susan Rice Is Extraordinary. Couldn't Be Prouder of the Job She's Done.'
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