Warren Buffet: Hiking Taxes On Rich Will Raise "Morale" Of Middle Class

Posted by Brian

Billionaire Warren Buffet made , at least in my opinion, one of the most insulting statements I have heard uttered, by a supposedly smart person, in a long time.  Saying that hiking taxes on the rich "would have a great effect in terms of the morale of the middle class", demonstrates in a single statement how liberals view most people.  Notice that he doesn't propose any real ideas on the kinds of things that would turn the economy around, or that would create jobs.  No, he proposes a placebo which, though it does nothing to actually change their, or the country's current fiscal situation, makes them "feel better", by thinking that we're "sticking it to the rich".
While saying that the rich don't pay enough in taxes, Buffet is fighting tooth and nail to keep from paying $1B back taxes that he owes to the IRS.  I guess $44B in personal wealth isn't enough for the mega-rich CEO.
Warren Buffet and his ilk look at average Americans as mindless idiots, and this statement proves it.

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