2012 Election: Voters Schizophrenic in Congressional Races

Posted by Brian

Barack Obama has been elected to a second term.  The Senate remains in the hands of the corrupt Harry Reid and the Democrats, and the GOP held on to the House, with the weepy and feckless John Boehner expected to remain as Speaker.

Congratulations America!  You voted the status quo! The Tea Party lost a few seats (Allen West of Florida and Joe Walsh of Illinois), as did the Democrats (Fortney Pete Stark of CA and John Kerry of MA).

This was possibly the most divided electorate I have witnessed in my 50-plus years.  Not just in votes, but in the types of candidates who were elected and rejected. Obama wins Massachusetts with 60% of the vote,  while far-left liberal Democrat John Kerry loses his seat.  Simultaneously, Massachusetts elects fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, the self-professed blond blue-eyed Indian squaw.

On the other end of the spectrum, Utah goes for Romney with 72% of the vote, while conservative Mia Love looks to be headed for defeat by less than 3000 votes.

This election is going to be analyzed for decades for how all-over-the-map voters were in their voting patterns (or lack thereof), which completely defy logic.  It defies logic because a majority of voters polled said that the government is getting too big, yet voted for a man who epitomizes big government, voted out Obama sure-bet votes Stark and Kerry, while rejecting small government candidates West and Walsh.

While Obama celebrates his victory, his challenge is not going to be a split Congress, but an American electorate schizophrenic as to what kind of country they want.

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