1 Part Allen West Plus 1 Part Navy SEAL = Ass Kicking For Dem Strategist

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Video: H/T to The Kelly File
Col. Allen West and Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith
Discussion of Chuck Schumer's attacks on the TEA Party at a Soros-backed "Center For American Progress" speech.
If you are going to come in with your Democrat/progressive talking points, you might want to find out the guests you are facing off with, because if they are former Congressman Allen West (Col. USA, Ret) and former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith, you might want to call out sick. Former "Schmucky" Schumer aide Chris Hahn found out that those talking points against well-read, informed opponents are shredded in milliseconds, while you are left with nothing with childish laughter, followed by sheepish grins.

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Dem Strategist: Obama "needs more outlets where it’s just him talking to the American people".

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Did Dem Strategist Just call For Obama To Be A Dictator?

CNN host Don Lemon, Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen, and conservative Reihan Salam discussed President Obama's failures and sinking numbers on a recent CNN segment of "Out Front".

It was a brutal segment for Rosen, as both Salam and Lemon challenged her talking points and supposed reasons for Obama's troubles.

Rosen, saying that Republicans blow Obama's words and "intentions" out of proportion, was challenged by Lemon, who said, "Isn’t the president above that? Like, you don’t punch down."

Exactly.  It's laughable that she and Obama are complaining that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are destroying the Presidents message.  Apparently, those two outlets alone are able to drown out MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and Ed Schultz (Radio Show) combined.  It's a ridiculous statement, especially in the context of the amount of negative press and political noise that was aimed at the Bush Administration for 8 years.  How was it that Fox and Rush were not able to counter them back then.

Salam then jumps in: “The problem is that there are a lot of people, including Democratic lawmakers, including women who serve in the Obama administration who say that this is a difficult guy to work with. There are lawmakers, Democratic lawmakers, who feel as though he has just been tremendously difficult working helping them achieve their goals. It’s not just Republicans. So I have a feeling that the president sometimes wants to shift blame to other people for some of his failures as a communicator and someone who is building communications.”

It is here that Rosen suggests that Obama's problem is he can't speak to American's directly, whenever he wants to, with no one to challenge him on what he says:
“Well, I don’t think he is shifting blame. I think that what he is saying is that he needs more and more outlets where it’s just him talking to the American people.

You know, Like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez, talking for hours to a captive audience with no one to challenge him, or to put anything he says in context. We need to just let him be the benevolent dictator he aspires to be, and we need to shup up and be good subjects. Is that about right, Hilary Rosen?

Ms Rosen might want to go back and brush up on the history of the Jewish people, and what happens when people allow exactly what she is advocating for.

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7 More Reasons Taxpayer Funding Of PBS Should Be Ended

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Lena Dunham and Sarah Silverman -
Women Who Make America?
PBS really is pathetic. Yes, I know they have some really good musical specials, and kids love Sesame Street (though they too seem to pursue a political agenda these days). No, Im talking about all of the leftist claptrap they try to pass off as news and with shows like "Women Who Make America".

Many of the women profiled during the series are no-brainers: Sally Ride for Women and Space, Carol Burnett for Women and Comedy, and Shirley Chisholm for Women and Politics for instance. But PBS, which is essentially taxpayer-funded arm of the Democrat Party can't help themselves in profiling as many darlings of the left as possible, many of whom you have to wonder who they are , and what they have done to be a "Maker".

I have listed seven glaring examples that stood out to me:

Valerie Plame Wilson - The whitewash continues, as PBS introduces Plame as a woman whose career was sabotaged after she was “outed” as a high-level spy. This has be proven to be totally false. Plame was not "outed", and had not been in a covert status for many years, working as a desk jockey. For proof of her lack of a covert status, one needed to look no further than the programs distributed to those who attended husband Joe Wilson's speaking engagements around the country. Wilson and Plame were part of the DC cocktail party circuit, and everyone knew her and Joe and what they did. If Valierie Plame was covert, it was the worst kept secret in Washington. The whole Plame affair was a political attempt by Democrats to bring down the Bush White House. The entire witch hunt for who "outed" Valerie Plame served only to convict Scooter Libby on a "process crime" which had nothing to do with the outing, while the person who actually uttered Plame's name to a reporter (Richard Armitage) wasn't charged with a crime. Why? Because she wasn't in a covert status, thus there wasn't a crime to charge him with. "Holding up a person who falsely holds themselves up as a "victim" hardly seems like a woman to celebrate as a "maker". Simply pathetic.

Christiane Amanpour - CNN reporter came to fame for her Islamist slant in reporting on the first Gulf War. Since then, her reporting on happening and events in the Middle East have continued to favor islamist viewpoints, while she is less generous toward either the United States or Israel. A "blame America first" reporter fits right in with PBS.

Sarah Silverman - Darling of the left. Famous for her "edgy" comedy, which generally revolves around insulting Christian's, abortion, and attacking conservatives. Hey, if you like her comedy, by all means, watch her. A "maker of America"? Please.

Kathy Griffin - Another "edgy" comic (translation: not funny) - Famous for getting a pap smear on television. "Maker"? Uh, no.

Jane Fonda - "Hanoi Jane".  Enough said.

Lena Dunham - Writer/director/actress of the HBO series "Girls". PBS introduces her as a woman "who mines comedy and drama gold by exploring what it’s really like to be a young woman". While Hollywood loves Lena, the rest of America is apparently less enthused, as her supposed brilliance hasn't translated into large numbers of viewers flocking to her show. Failure has always been a badge of honor with the left, so it's not surprising that she is on the list.

Elizabeth Warren - Famous for her self-proclaimed, but false, Native American status, presumably to gain favor in her status at Harvard at which she was called Harvard Law School's first "woman of color". This is laughable, unless you consider translucent to be a color. However, the blond haired, blue-eyed, and pigment-challenged Warren continues to keep up the charade, as  ‘Fauxcahontas’ released a family cookbook called 'Pow Wow Recipes' as "proof" of her native status. "Making up America" might be a better fit for Warren.

Don't expect to see a Mia Love, Deneen Borelli, Susana Martinez, or some other conservative women profiled, though. PBS has its 'standards'.

TCA: PBS Orders More ‘Women Who Make America’, Interviews Lena Dunham, Sarah Silverman, Shonda Rhimes
By THE DEADLINE TEAM | Tuesday January 21, 2014 @ 8:27am PST
Tags: AOL, Makers: Women Who Make America, PBS, TCA

PBS is partnering with AOL for six new one-hourTCA Deadline documentaries as part of its Makers: Women Who Make America franchise. Scheduled to premiere in June and August 2014, the docus build on the multi-platform initiative founded by filmmaker Dyllan McGee, which launched in 2012. The new series expands on the three-hour PBS documentary  of same name, which premiered in February 2013 and told the story of the American Makers: Women Who Make Americawomen’s movement over the last half-century. Kathy Griffin, former CIA agent Valerie Plame, former NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson and the producers of Makers are scheduled to discuss the project at the press tour tomorrow.

For more, Continue Reading Here
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Sold Out: The House Negroes of the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus

Tim Scott terrifies liberals. He's smart. He's successful. He's positive and upbeat. He's a Conservative Republican. But worst of all, he's a black conservative.

Sen. Tim Scott R-SC and NAACP NC Chapter President and Progressive Activist Rev. William Barber

You would think that he would be celebrated by a group like the NAACP. After all, they are supposedly for the advancement of colored people.  It's right there in their name.  Tim Scott, a black man has risen to the position of United States Senator. The first black man to do so since Reconstruction. But you would be wrong. He also scares the hell out of the NAACP.

You see, people like Tim Scott, Allen West, Mia Love, Nikki Haley, Susana Martinez, Bobby Jindal, Jaime Herrera, and Marco Rubio, all people of color, have risen through the ranks as conservatives, to become Senators (Scott, Rubio), Mayor (Love), Governor (Haley, Martinez, and Jindal),State Representative (Herrera) and even U.S. Army Colonel/Congressman (West).  Each has taken a different route to success, but each one is successful in their own right while embracing conservative ideals. They scare the hell out of the liberals.  They doesn't fit the narrative and lies the left have been feeding minorities for the past 45 years about the "War on Poverty", or how conservatism is at the root of all that ails them, and the NAACP has been a willing accomplice in perpetuating those lies.

The Republican Party and "leadership" certainly deserves their fair share of the blame for the near-monolithic support of Democrats by blacks by not engaging the black community with a coherent and respectful message. Nor have they done anything to dispel the myths and lies of the GOP and Dems regarding the Civil Rights movement, and the history of blacks and the Republican Party through the years leading up to the Civil Rights movement.

Today, the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus are nothing more than rubber stamps for the Democrat Party and its leaders.  They willingly carry the water for policies which have been devastating to minority communities. They continue to support a massive expansion of the welfare state which has resulted not in fewer Americans living in poverty, but an ever-increasing number who have become trapped in inter-generational families living on welfare food stamps, and other government assistance. They also support Federal Minimum wage law, which is treated as one-size-fits-all wage for high rent San Francisco and low cost Cairo, Illinois has proven to do nothing but lead to higher unemployment (particularly blacks) and higher costs for goods and services. And they support disastrous immigration policies which keep wages low and take jobs from Americans, and particularly black and hispanic Americans.

So yes, Tim Scott is a threat.  He is a threat to the left's message that government is the answer to all of their problems.  He proves that with good mentors and role models, staying in school, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, taking personal responsibility for your success and failures, and forging ahead with a positive can-do attitude, you can do anything that you set your heart and mind to do.  Tim Scott, and the others, expose the NAACP's and the left's lies.

A few years ago, it was Allen West that terrified the left, and they threw everything they had at him, including some reported late election chicanery, to defeat him in the 2012 election. This was after a series of veiled and not-so veiled racist attacks on West, in which they accused him of being a misogynist (you know how blacks treat women), and  a video of West beating up white women in a boxing ring (with the stereotypical gold tooth all blacks wear). Of course there were no cries of outrage from the NAACP or the Congressional Black Caucus about these.

Now, it is Tim Scott who is on the receiving end of a campaign of smears from the left, with President of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP calling Scott a "dummy" to his ventriloquist masters in the GOP, and an extremist. He has been under attack from the NAACP since his appointment by SC Governor Nikki Haley. NAACP President Ben Jealous attacked Scott on the night Scott was sworn in as Senator  that Tim Scott "doesn't believe in civil rights".

So far the NAACP has avoided using the terms "Uncle Tom" and "House Negro" when referring to Scott.

I won't refrain though. That is because Ben Jealous, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, Jackson, Sharpton, and the rest are the poster children for what it is to be the House Negro. They long ago sold out their communities and constituents for money, power, and a seat at the table. Many may have started out with noble goals and beliefs, but somewhere along the way they became, like many before them, seduced by the promises of power and influence by their white "masters", Pelosi and Reid. All they had to do was keep the other slaves in line. And they have done it dutifully for over 50 years. Yet, after all of the promises, there are no blacks of any import in leadership positions in the Democrat House or Senate. Barack Obama is President because of American voters, but not because of the power elite Democrat Party. The Democrat machine had already coronated Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nominee for President, when Obama threw a wrench into the works and won the Iowa Caucus back in 2008, setting a tidal wave rushing over the Clinton campaign from which she never recovered.

This latest attack on a black conservative, from the Reverend William Barber II, a progressive Al Sharpton wannabe, is just more of the same thing that conservative blacks have had to endure from liberals and progressive blacks for years. They are called Uncle Tom's, Steppin' Fetchit, House Negroes, Oreo's and worse.  At least Reverend Barber introduced a new term, but his bigotry and mean-spiritedness are still the same old, same old.

Tim Scott, appearing on The Kelly File, handled it all with the same calm class that he always has, smiling and saying the Reverend's comments were "pretty remarkable, and absolutely ridiculous".
He went on to say that "We're not talking any longer about standing up for the rights of a racial minority. We're now talking about finding a way to have a conversation about philosophical bigotry."
Scott also told an inspirational story about how a Chick-Fil-A manager mentored him and helped turn his life around when he was floundering.

It is men like Tim Scott and Allen West, and women like Mia Love, Susana, Martinez. and Nikki Haley, and their stories of success by following conservative values, who are going to break the Democrat stranglehold on blacks, hispanics, and other minorities.  Not by being black or minority conservatives, but as conservatives.  Their skin color does not define them, their character does.

The NAACP and the Democrats are, in my opinion, making a huge mistake in continuing to take this tact with black conservatives, and especially with Tim Scott, who is an extremely likable and intelligent man.  His personality and demeanor do not match the demonization that the left is trying to portray.  People see him and they can't make that "demon" or "dummy" connection, and it is going to blow up in their faces, eventually exposing more and more people, black and white, to the bigotry and racism which has hijacked people and groups that they thought were working on their behalf, only to be lining their own pockets and perpetuating their own power at the expense of the blacks they promised to lift up.

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NAACP chapter president blasts Sen. Tim Scott as the GOP's 'dummy' - Washington Times

Tim Scott Fires Back At NAACP Head For 'Laughable' Senator Comment

The American Spectator Sits Down with Senator Tim Scott

Senator Tim Scott Talks to the Value Voters Summit about his Conservative Values and Principles

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Anti-Gun Senator: This Homemade Weapon Can Shred an Airplane in Half!

What happens when you mix an illogical fear of guns with profound ignorance?

You get Kevin de Leon, a California State Senator and rabid anti-gun nut from Los Angeles, going on television and demonstrating that he is now illiterate in three languages.

Democrat de Leon has introduced a bill, SB808, addresses homemade weapons, which he calls "ghost guns".  His bill would require the makers of all homemade guns, including those produced by 3D printers,  to apply to the state DOJ for a serial number to be applied to the gun, and that a piece of metal be made a permanent part of the gun, so that the weapon could be seen by metal detectors.
Magazine vs. Clip

For starters, his bill makes no sense, and is just another feel-good piece of paper that he can take back to his constituents and say, "Look what I did!" Yes, the gun he is holding is homemade, but it is also fully automatic (by his own admission), which already makes it illegal. Does he really believe that the person, or the people who make this and other "ghost" guns are going to voluntarily contact the DOJ to have a serial number issued?  WHY do so many people think that our elected officials are so smart? They're not!  The people who are making or buying these weapons are either acquiring them as "throwaways", or people who are concerned with a coming tyrannical government may start to produce them.  Neither one is are going to apply for a serial number.

Kevin de Leon then goes on to prove to the whole world that he has never handled or been around a weapon his whole life, as he makes a glaring number of farcical statements about the weapon in his hands, including that it has a firing rate nearly that of a military phalanx system, which can shred an airplane or missile in half.

Phalanx Systems in Action

He picks up one weapon and swings it around with his finger inside the trigger guard and on the trigger.  Safety first, Kevin! He then picks up another weapon, which he calls "an automatic sniper weapon".  This is getting hysterical.  A sniper, by the very nature of his job, would never use an automatic rifle.  They are single shot bolt actions or semi-auto.

Mixing up clips, magazines, and caliber and capacity, his entire demonstration was, as they say, "a hot mess". He comes off as someone who was thrust into doing a demonstration at the last minute, yet he is the one who is the author of the bill!  The supposed expert! In reality, he is just another typical liberal, reacting emotionally to something of which he has zero knowledge, thus unable to make a coherent intellectual case.  Because there is no case to make.  His SB808 bill is intellectually vapid.  A "feel good" measure. It will have ZERO effect on the sale or manufacture of these weapons because they are already a black market item.

Meanwhile, these same idiots are doing their best to make it as difficult as possible for law-abiding people to get legal guns and ammunition to protect themselves and their families from criminals who are able to get their weapons and ammo easily.

Thanks, Mr. Wizard!

Watch the full press conference below:

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MARK LEVIN on Obama: "The Common Parlance of [a] Dictator"

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Mark Levin weighed in on Barack Obama's Tuesday press statement (below), saying that Barack Obama is conducting a "gradual, quiet coup" of the government, and based on the statements made by the President, it is hard to see how anyone objectively looking at what he said, and has been saying and doing over the last several years, can disagree.

The Executive Order has been used by Presidents to "help direct officers of the U.S. Executive [Branch] carry out their delegated duties as well as the normal operations of the federal government: the consequence of failing to comply possibly being the removal from office". It has been abused by President's of both parties over the years,  but has been taken to a whole new level by this President, who holds it over Congress like a hammer and sickle, using E.O.'s to write and implement legislation without Congress. According to 343 U.S. 579, 585. Antieau, Modern Constitutional Law,§13:24 (1969), "executive order(s) of the President must find support in the Constitution, either in a clause granting the President specific power, or by a delegation of power by Congress to the President"
The last time I checked, the Constitution does not authorize the President to unilaterally, write, pass, and implement legislation from the Oval Office. Yet that is what he is threatening to do, and has done in the past.

Mark Levin addressed this abuse on Tuesday:

Barack Obama:
“[O]ne of the things that I’ll be emphasizing in this meeting is the fact that we are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need. I’ve got a pen…and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions…that move the ball forward.”

Mark Levin:
“He’s just announced that he is going to assume law-making powers. He does not recognize the [Republican Party] majority in the House of Representatives. I don't know how much more clearly he can say it.  You know what this is folks?  You know what this is? This is a gradual, quiet, coup. That's what's taking place. It's gradual. It's quiet in the sense that it's non-violent.  But it's a coup.”

“One of the things that I’m going to be talking to my Cabinet about is how do we use all the tools available to us, not just legislation, in order to advance a mission that I think unifies all Americans.”

"This is the common parlance of the dictator - assuming that he represents all Americans, that he’s a unifying figure, that we just need to concentrate more power in his hands. He will decide what laws are good, what laws are bad. He will use executive orders to pass laws that Congress won’t pass. And he will ignore laws he doesn’t like, and he’ll rewrite laws that he wants to rewrite like ObamaCare and so forth.  This is the mindset, and the language that dictators have!”

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"Income Inequality " - Milton Friedman vs. Barack Obama

Barack Obama and the Democrats have said that they are going to make "income inequality" one of their primary planks for 2014, emphasizing "the haves vs. the have-nots".  We are already seeing and hearing speeches by the President addressing this, NY Mayor Bill De Blasio speaking of a progressive wave sweeping over the country, and leftist in Washington state (SeaTac) foolishly raising the minimum wage to $15/hr.  The left is on the march again pitting rich vs. poor, the 99% vs. the 1%,  the Proletariat vs. Bourgeoisie.

It is with this in mind that the now-famous appearance of Milton Friedman on the 1970's Phil Donahue Show popped into my mind. It shows that, contrary to what many people want us to believe, Barack Obama is not some brilliant economic visionary.  His arguments are the same ones that have been made between the left and the right for decades, and they are the same ones that Phil Donahue makes in this video. Today's left is just regurgitating the same old arguments they have always made. They're just counting on a new generation that is ignorant of that fact. Thus, these video to show that the new is the same as the old.

The first video is a short segment in which Friedman addresses "greed", completely obliterating Donahue's argument against capitalism.

The second video is the entire show, and is equally entertaining and educational. Well worth the time to set aside the 45 minutes to watch and to acquaint (or reacquaint) yourself with this great thinker, especially the under 30 crowd who may not have heard of this great man. God knows, our current educational system doesn't teach this stuff anymore.

Milton Friedman on Greed

Full Episode

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Holder DOJ Instructs Schools To Punish Based On Racial Quota's

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The Obama Administration and the Eric Holder DOJ are apparently hell-bent in trying to stir up racial tensions in the country. Why else would something this blatantly racial even be considered, and then actually implemented?

If anyone has any question of why the government taking over one-seventh of the US economy is a bad idea, just witness what having the government meddling in schools has done to the education system.  It has turned it from one of the best educational systems in the world, to a putrid petri dish of social experimentation.  The three R's have taken a back seat to a curriculum of LGBT studies, feminism, race, and social justice.  History is being rewritten by liberals to ignore or downplay America's achievements and denigrate our founders, while promoting their Marxist and socialist icons, like murderers Che Gueverra and Fidel Castro, as a great freedom fighters.

Now we have the federal government, in the form of a letter from the Department of Justice no less(!), telling schools they have to place quota's on punishment!  Not the Department of Education (which should be abolished at the earliest possible time, in my opinion), but the DOJ!
The letter states, in part:

“Schools also violate Federal law when they evenhandedly implement facially neutral policies and practices that, although not adopted with the intent to discriminate, nonetheless have an unjustified effect of discriminating against students on the basis of race.
Examples of policies that can raise disparate impact concerns include policies that impose mandatory suspension, expulsion, or citation (e.g., ticketing or other fines or summonses) upon any student who commits a specified offense — such as being tardy to class, being in possession of a cellular phone, being found insubordinate, acting out, or not wearing the proper school uniform.”

Excuse me?  So schools are now to keep a tally sheet of how many white students, how many black students, hispanics, etc., get in trouble for being tardy, and if too many members of one race are punished for their tardiness, even though they were tardy more often, they can be in violation of a FEDERAL LAW!  I have a sneaking suspicion though, that if it were white students on the heavy end of the numbers, that the DOJ Civil Right Division isn't going to be jumping all over the violation.  After all, as we have been repeatedly told by the likes of Al Sharpton, whites can't be discriminated against, and blacks are incapable of being racist. Unless, of course, they're conservative blacks, and then they're Uncle Tom's, and thus are white in the eyes of Al Sharpton and the left, anyway.

There is no doubt, in my mind at least, that Barack Obama has a serious chip on his shoulder regarding the races, and his policies, Cabinet appointments, and his words have made that very clear. But this may be the most in-your-face thing the Obama Administration has done regarding race. Even though it's Eric Holder's DOJ, don't think for a moment he's unilaterally doing this without input from Obama.  If you believe that, you're very naive.

Obama is not interested in just "leveling the playing field". He didn't come this far for that.  He intends, if he can, to right every perceived wrong he believes has happened, through reparations, quota's, policies and statute.

This is only the beginning.

Experts slam DOJ letter telling schools to implement race-based punishments
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Holocaust - We Shall Never Forget!

Powerful and poignant - Lest We Forget!

Letter to Jewish victims of the holocaust
written by Ilanushkah

Music: Eli Eli performed by Sophie Milman (written by Hannah Senesh)
Tikvah - two versions

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Seattle Should Change Name and Logo To Chickenhawks

Could it be that Pete Carroll doesn't have as much faith and confidence in his own team as much as the fans do?
Handily dispatching the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, and clear favorites over the San Francisco 49ers this week, you would think that the Seahawks would want to put an exclamation point on their rivalry with the 49ers, and employ an "anywhere, anytime" attitude.  Instead the Seahawks have banned sales of tickets to the NFC Championship to anyone in California in an apparent attempt to tilt the scale even further in the Seahawks favor, despite Seattle already being one of the toughest and loudest venues in all of sports for opposing teams to come into.
Maybe the Seahawks should just change their name to the Chickenhawks. It used to be that the NFL was coached played by men's men, and not a bunch of northwest liberal metrosexual castrati.
Lombardi and Halas must be rolling in their graves

Fearing 49ers Fans, Seahawks Ban NFC Championship Ticket Sales To Californians « CBS San Francisco

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One DAY in Southern Israel - Life Under The Iron Dome and Hamas Rockets

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On the 19th of November 2012, three international students and one Israeli traveled to the southern Israeli city of Ashdod, to catch a glimpse of life under constant rocket threat.

Sirens.  Running. Take cover. In a shelter. In a store. In a restaurant. Explosions. Wait for screams and crying. All is quiet. Good. The all clear is given. It's all taken 5 minutes, and now a server is bringing you food and a drink as if nothing has happened.  Life goes on.  This is "life" in Southern Israel, where an average of 3 rockets or mortars a day fall on its towns and cities.

Life under Hamas rocket attacks

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