7 More Reasons Taxpayer Funding Of PBS Should Be Ended

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Lena Dunham and Sarah Silverman -
Women Who Make America?
PBS really is pathetic. Yes, I know they have some really good musical specials, and kids love Sesame Street (though they too seem to pursue a political agenda these days). No, Im talking about all of the leftist claptrap they try to pass off as news and with shows like "Women Who Make America".

Many of the women profiled during the series are no-brainers: Sally Ride for Women and Space, Carol Burnett for Women and Comedy, and Shirley Chisholm for Women and Politics for instance. But PBS, which is essentially taxpayer-funded arm of the Democrat Party can't help themselves in profiling as many darlings of the left as possible, many of whom you have to wonder who they are , and what they have done to be a "Maker".

I have listed seven glaring examples that stood out to me:

Valerie Plame Wilson - The whitewash continues, as PBS introduces Plame as a woman whose career was sabotaged after she was “outed” as a high-level spy. This has be proven to be totally false. Plame was not "outed", and had not been in a covert status for many years, working as a desk jockey. For proof of her lack of a covert status, one needed to look no further than the programs distributed to those who attended husband Joe Wilson's speaking engagements around the country. Wilson and Plame were part of the DC cocktail party circuit, and everyone knew her and Joe and what they did. If Valierie Plame was covert, it was the worst kept secret in Washington. The whole Plame affair was a political attempt by Democrats to bring down the Bush White House. The entire witch hunt for who "outed" Valerie Plame served only to convict Scooter Libby on a "process crime" which had nothing to do with the outing, while the person who actually uttered Plame's name to a reporter (Richard Armitage) wasn't charged with a crime. Why? Because she wasn't in a covert status, thus there wasn't a crime to charge him with. "Holding up a person who falsely holds themselves up as a "victim" hardly seems like a woman to celebrate as a "maker". Simply pathetic.

Christiane Amanpour - CNN reporter came to fame for her Islamist slant in reporting on the first Gulf War. Since then, her reporting on happening and events in the Middle East have continued to favor islamist viewpoints, while she is less generous toward either the United States or Israel. A "blame America first" reporter fits right in with PBS.

Sarah Silverman - Darling of the left. Famous for her "edgy" comedy, which generally revolves around insulting Christian's, abortion, and attacking conservatives. Hey, if you like her comedy, by all means, watch her. A "maker of America"? Please.

Kathy Griffin - Another "edgy" comic (translation: not funny) - Famous for getting a pap smear on television. "Maker"? Uh, no.

Jane Fonda - "Hanoi Jane".  Enough said.

Lena Dunham - Writer/director/actress of the HBO series "Girls". PBS introduces her as a woman "who mines comedy and drama gold by exploring what it’s really like to be a young woman". While Hollywood loves Lena, the rest of America is apparently less enthused, as her supposed brilliance hasn't translated into large numbers of viewers flocking to her show. Failure has always been a badge of honor with the left, so it's not surprising that she is on the list.

Elizabeth Warren - Famous for her self-proclaimed, but false, Native American status, presumably to gain favor in her status at Harvard at which she was called Harvard Law School's first "woman of color". This is laughable, unless you consider translucent to be a color. However, the blond haired, blue-eyed, and pigment-challenged Warren continues to keep up the charade, as  ‘Fauxcahontas’ released a family cookbook called 'Pow Wow Recipes' as "proof" of her native status. "Making up America" might be a better fit for Warren.

Don't expect to see a Mia Love, Deneen Borelli, Susana Martinez, or some other conservative women profiled, though. PBS has its 'standards'.

TCA: PBS Orders More ‘Women Who Make America’, Interviews Lena Dunham, Sarah Silverman, Shonda Rhimes
By THE DEADLINE TEAM | Tuesday January 21, 2014 @ 8:27am PST
Tags: AOL, Makers: Women Who Make America, PBS, TCA

PBS is partnering with AOL for six new one-hourTCA Deadline documentaries as part of its Makers: Women Who Make America franchise. Scheduled to premiere in June and August 2014, the docus build on the multi-platform initiative founded by filmmaker Dyllan McGee, which launched in 2012. The new series expands on the three-hour PBS documentary  of same name, which premiered in February 2013 and told the story of the American Makers: Women Who Make Americawomen’s movement over the last half-century. Kathy Griffin, former CIA agent Valerie Plame, former NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson and the producers of Makers are scheduled to discuss the project at the press tour tomorrow.

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