Ben Shapiro Goes Deep on Occupy Wall Street, Millennials, and Conservative's Biggest Failure

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On tonight's Kelly File on Fox News, Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro hit it out of the park in discussing an article in Rolling Stone titled "Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For". The article, written by some clown named Jesse A. Myerson, who is a member of the Occupy Wall Street bunch, calls for guaranteed jobs, universal guaranteed incomes, seizing personal property, and other intellectually vacuous musings, and reconstituted communist ideas from the early 20th century.

Myerson also tweeted,  "I don't want the 1% *dead* just *dispossessed*. Tell you what, each family can keep one mansion and one luxury car, but the rest is forfeit."  Obviously, a deep thinker…for someone with a sixth grade education.

Apparently, the author hadn't heard that these ideas had been tried and failed miserably, resulting in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc.

Asked by Kelly if this article was "a joke", Shapiro replied:

No. Unfortunately, this is how a lot of millennials think.  And this is how the Occupy Wall Street movement thinks. This is a group of people who graduated with degrees in lesbian dance theory, and then were surprised when they didn't get a six-figure paycheck out of college. Unfortunately, they were getting a paycheck commensurate with their education level."


For more, watch the entire interview below

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