Seattle Should Change Name and Logo To Chickenhawks

Could it be that Pete Carroll doesn't have as much faith and confidence in his own team as much as the fans do?
Handily dispatching the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, and clear favorites over the San Francisco 49ers this week, you would think that the Seahawks would want to put an exclamation point on their rivalry with the 49ers, and employ an "anywhere, anytime" attitude.  Instead the Seahawks have banned sales of tickets to the NFC Championship to anyone in California in an apparent attempt to tilt the scale even further in the Seahawks favor, despite Seattle already being one of the toughest and loudest venues in all of sports for opposing teams to come into.
Maybe the Seahawks should just change their name to the Chickenhawks. It used to be that the NFL was coached played by men's men, and not a bunch of northwest liberal metrosexual castrati.
Lombardi and Halas must be rolling in their graves

Fearing 49ers Fans, Seahawks Ban NFC Championship Ticket Sales To Californians « CBS San Francisco

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