Idiot Of The Day - Nancy Pelosi: Don't Connect Raising Debt Ceiling and Reducing Spending

The intellectually vapid former Speaker of the House once again treats us to her inarticulate meanderings into Washington-speak.
In this latest episode of wandering aimlessly in search of anything meaningful, she claims it's irresponsible to tie the increase of the debt ceiling to getting our budget under control. In her own words she states that we have raised the debt ceiling over 30 times since Reagan was president, which says to me that, aside from raising the debt ceiling more than once a year, Congress can't control their spending. Like drug addicts, even when revenues to the federal government increase, they spend all of it and borrow or steal even more to support their spending habit.
Just raising the debt ceiling is not going to solve this crisis. Without meaningful cuts and a responsible budget to assure our debtors that we are serious about getting our financial house in order, the financial markets are still going to lower the U.S. credit rating.
Nancy Pelosi is not an idiot for lying to the American people. For that, she is a dispicable troll. Nancy Pelosi is an idiot because she expects us all to believe the steady stream of lies that pour forth from her wrinkled pie hole.

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Tribute: Israel Defense Forces - I'm With You...

I stand with you! May G_d continue to bless Israel and the United States of America.

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What A Conservative Looks Like - Marco Rubio Spanks John Kerry With Facts and Common Sense

Marco Rubio, Florida Republican & former speak...Image via Wikipedia

Marco Rubio Says "Save The Country" & John Kerry Questions him
Marco Rubio put John Kerry in his place when Kerry challenges Rubio on the Senate floor during the debt ceiling debate.

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Reid Blasts Republicans For Playing Politics With Debt, Then Filibusters Own Bill

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Harry Reid, who accuses the Republicans of turning the debt ceiling debate into a circus, just upped the ante on how dysfunctional this Congress is. With "Baghdad" Dick Durbin and Chuckie "Schmuckie" Schumer, he went before the cameras last night to talk of the unseriousness of the House Republicans, in sending bills to the Senate which are not "serious". In addition, he said that the GOP should at least give his bill an "up or down vote".
You have to hand it to Reid. He has cojones the size of his considerable ego.  He calls for the up or down vote after "tabling" both Republican bills without up or down votes. Then he turns around and filibusters his own bill, moving the "artificial" August 2nd deadline one day closer.  It makes me wonder if this guy doesn't have political Tourettes.  He complains that the Republicans are the party of "just say no", while conveniently omitting that the Senate, under his "leadership", has not produced a budget (as required by law) in over 800 days.  Yet, without a budget, the Democrats have spent over $9 trillion in the last 2 and a half years. Still, Harry Reid claims it is the fault of Republicans that we are in this financial mess.  I believe that Reid is one small mini-stroke from drooling in his oatmeal.  I am not being totally facetious here either.  His mispronunciation of simple (like those with double "B's"), slurring, and his general speech patterns make me wonder if his mental acuity is starting to falter.These are not the thoughts of someone whose mind is "hitting on all cylinders".
Regardless, August 2nd looks to be a pipe dream for passage of a bill now.  But the world will not end on that day.  The economy will not collapse.  It is, and has always been an arbitrary date to creat a crisis, and "get something done".
Harry Reid and the Democrats know this, and this latest tactic shows that they know it.

Democrats Enforce Filibuster Against Their Own Debt Bill
by Stephen Dinan

Senate Republicans want a 60-vote threshold for a debt-limit bill to pass the chamber, but it's actually Democrats who are enforcing the filibuster on their own legislation, insisting on delaying a vote until 1 a.m. Sunday morning.

Republicans offered to let the vote happen Friday night, just minutes after the chamber voted to halt a House Republican bill. All sides expect Democrats' bill will fail too, and the GOP said senators might as well kill both at the same time so that negotiations could move on to a compromise.
Read more at the Washington Times

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Obama On The Ropes, Boehner & House GOP Cave

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Obama approval rating hits all-time low, according to poll

7/29/11 2:13 PM EDT

A new poll shows that President Barack Obama’s approval rating has plummeted to a new low as talks to raise the debt ceiling stalled and the president stayed out of the public eye after a Monday night speech through early Friday.

The president’s average approval rating on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was 40 percent in Gallup’s daily tracking poll released on Friday. His approval rating averaged 46 percent in June, and was at about the same level for most of July.
Read more at Politico
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Ft. Hood Terror Suspect Interviewed by Al Jazeera

Abdo said he doesn't believe that he could go to war, based on his faith. Apparently what he meant was that he couldn't fight radical Islamists. Killing infidels was not a problem. How many more of these "peaceful" Islamists have infiltrated our military ranks? As is stated in the CNN piece, roughly 12 thousand Muslims are in the military.
This was a man that once condemned the first Ft. Hood shootings. Was he simply being deceptive, or could the fact that 90% of the Muslim clerics in the military come out of Wahhabism, the most violent of the Islamic sects, have anything to do with it? What are many of these military Imams preaching and counseling to Muslim soldiers? The military and law enforcement need to look into this, and vet these Imams, who have great influence over their members.

Al-Jazeera - An Interview with Nasser Abdo

US Army PFC Abdo has had concerns about bieng deployed to a combat. He believes that his islamic faith doesn't permit him to participate in war or conflict the US Army is or will participate in.

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New NASA DATA - CO2 Traps Less Heat Than Global Warming Alarmists Claim

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New Study of NASA Data May Debunk Global Warming Predictions

Posted on July 28, 2011 at 11:45am by Billy Hallowell

Could new NASA data deal a blow to some of the statements and predictions that have been made by global warming adherents? According to James M. Taylor, a senior fellow for environmental policy at The Heartland Institute, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

In Forbes, Taylor writes about some intriguing analysis of NASA satellite data that spans from years 2000 until 2011. Interestingly, the data show that the Earth’s atmosphere is actually allowing more heat to be released into outer space than global warming computer models previously predicted.
Read More at The Blaze

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Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt - “The people want to implement Sharia,”

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Islamists Call for Shariah Law at Massive Egyptian Demonstration
Posted on July 29, 2011 at 11:46am by Madeleine Morgenstern

CAIRO (The Blaze/AP) — Ultraconservative Muslims turned out in force Friday as tens of thousands filled Cairo’s central Tahrir Square in a rally marked by a growing rift in the protest movement.

In one of the largest crowds to fill the square since the popular uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in February, Salafis chanted for the implementation of strict Islamic law – spurring accusations that they violated an agreement to keep the rally free from divisive issues.
Read more at The Blaze

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Why Doesn't This Get Reported? Arabs E. Jerusalem Lining Up To Request Israeli Citizenship

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Thursday Jul 28, 2011

Michael Ordman
Look how Israel treats the Palestinian Arabs: Part 3

I was astonished to discover over 60 positive news stories since July 2010 that never appeared anywhere except in the Israeli press. In this final part, I have selected some of the stories where Israelis and Palestinian Arabs get together outside of the working environment; plus some facts about co-existence that you may be unaware of.

Israelis are mad about sports and they are keen to mix together with their neighbors on the playing field. In May, a team of Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs were narrowly beaten by an ex-pat Aussie team in a practice for the Australian Rules International Football Cup later this year. In September, a Jerusalem team of Israelis and Palestinian Arabs put aside their differences and teamed up to compete in Israel’s amateur American tackle football league. By March there were two teams, each containing both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, that battled out the final of Israel Bowl 1V. Israel's first NBA player, Omri Casspi, ran a basketball clinic for 100 Israeli and Palestinian Arab children in the annual event of the Twinned Peace Basketball Schools project. Whilst on the subject of sports, it is interesting to point out that in February, in the Palestinian territories, Arab women celebrated the inauguration of the new women’s football league.
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East Jerusalem Arabs Prefer Israel To Palestinian Authority, U.S. Press Ignores


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Poll: Jerusalem Arabs prefer Israel

US poll: 39% of east Jerusalem Arabs prefer to live under Israeli sovereignty; 30% didn't answer
Yitzhak Benhorin Published: 01.13.11, 00:31 / Israel News

WASHINGTON – The future of Jerusalem is considered one of the core issues in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and one of the most significant obstacles to a permanent agreement between the two sides. However, it appears that on the Palestinian side, those who live in Jerusalem have already made their decision on the matter – and the Palestinian Authority leadership in Ramallah may not like it.

Palestinians in east Jerusalem Interior Ministry offices Photo: AP

A public opinion poll carried out by American Pechter Middle East Polls for the Council on Foreign Relations together with the head of the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, Dr. Nabil Kukali, showed that if Jerusalem were divided as part of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, east Jerusalem Arabs would prefer to live under Israeli sovereignty.
Read More at yNet News

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Idiot Of The Day: Sheila Jackson Lee at Radical Islam Hearing: Let's 'Have a Hearing on Right-Wing Extremists"

Sheila Jackson Lee first came to the nation's attention when she took a cell phone call at a public meeting with her constituents while being asked a question from one of the people in her district. More recently she has gained notoriety as a "Boss-zilla" for her abhorrent treatment of her Capitol Hill and campaign staffs. Here we have the latest in this truly moronic individual who has somehow gained the title of Congresswoman. Way to go Houston!

At a hearing of the House Committee on Homeland Security today about the radicalization of young Somali American Muslims by the al-Shabaab terrorist group, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said the committee should hold a hearing on "right-wing extremists" in the United States.

Ironic, since she makes the statement on the day that another Islamo-Facist is arrested for plotting to carry out a second attack at the Fort Hood Army Base.

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Pelosi on Debt Deal: "We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today."

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I'd prefer that we just work on saving the country from financial ruin.  First step - Drastically cut spending. Second step - Fire Pelosi and the Democrats, as well as every RINO in the Republican Party, starting with John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
Idiot Of The Day
Nancy Pelosi

 The Dumbest Person To Ever Be Speaker Of The House

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Scientist Who Claimed Polar Bears Drowning Due To Warming Under Scientific Ethics Investigation

A polar bear swimmingImage via Wikipedia
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Scientist questioned over 'integrity issues'
Associated Press
Published: July 28th, 2011 11:19 AM
Last Modified: July 28th, 2011 11:19 AM

A federal wildlife biologist whose observation that polar bears likely drowned in the Arctic helped galvanize the global warming movement seven years ago was placed on administrative leave as officials investigate scientific misconduct allegations.

While it wasn't clear what the exact allegations are, a government watchdog group representing Anchorage-based scientist Charles Monnett said investigators have focused on his 2004 journal article about the bears that garnered worldwide attention.
Read more at Anchorage Daily News

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"Fast & Furious" - Obama Admin. Effort To Limit 2nd Amendment Rights?

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Rep. Lankford: Lawmakers Exploiting Failed Gunrunner Operation to Limit 2nd Amendment

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
By Adam Sylvain

(CNSNews.com) – As Congress continues to investigate the failed gunrunning operation “Fast and Furious,” which funneled thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels that used them to commit crimes, Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla.) said that some lawmakers are using information from that program to start restricting Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

At a Bloggers Briefing at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, CNSNews.com asked Lankford, “Regarding Fast and Furious, have you heard Sen. Grassley’s (R-Iowa) comments that he thought this was possibly an effort by the administration to set up a case for restricting Second Amendment rights? And have you seen anything to that effect? And, also, what was the most compelling news that came out of today’s hearing?”
Read More at CNS News

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ATF Agent Implicates White House in Gun Runner Operation

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White House Staffer Knew About Gun Running Operation Last Fall

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
By Fred Lucas

Washington (CNSNews.com) – At least one person in the White House knew about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gun-running operation three months before weapons from the botched sting were found at the murder scene of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

That’s what a high-ranking ATF official told Congress on Tuesday.

William Newell, the former ATF special agent in charge of the Phoenix field office, told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that he communicated with Kevin O'Reilly, a staffer on President Obama’s National Security Council, about Operation Fast and Furious in September 2010.
Read More at CNS News

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Is This Man Today's John Galt of Atlas Shrugged?

Ronnie Bryant listened silently for a two hours as leftists and environmentalists "testified" of how business poisons the water and causes cancer. Finally Mr Bryant rose and told of his new underground coal mining operation. A mining operation which would employ 125-150 people at $50,000 to $150,000 a year. An operation that would purchase up to $50 million - %60 million of consumables from the local community, creating more jobs in the community. After listening to these ne'er-do-wells trash private business, and listen to the burdensome regulations that they want to impose on those businesses, he decided NOT to open his mine.
THIS is the story of radical environmentalism, with their junk science and alarmism. The bottom line is that the modern environmentalist movement is not pro-nature, the are anti-capitalism. The are Marxists.
The environmentalists probably thought that they won this little victory over this mean and evil entrepreneur, but in reality the real losers are the people who are going to continue to be unemployed in this community. Families with children, choosing between making their mortgage or buying food for their children.
Obama promised "shovel-ready jobs", and provided none. Here was a man who was offering, literally, shovel-ready jobs to this community, and good paying ones at that, yet the environmentalists are there to derail them, and those people are going to continue to be unemployed.
Remind me. Who are the "compassionate" ones again?

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Juan Williams: Fox News IS Fair...NPR Edits and Slants News To Fit "Their" Worldview

Diversity, Openness & Inclusion will not be to...Image by wstera2 via Flickr
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Juan Williams Takes Aim at NPR

Monday, 25 Jul 2011 10:11 AM
By Ronald Kessler

After NPR fired Juan Williams, he feared Fox News would fire him as well. With his credibility called into question, he thought he would be considered damaged goods.

Four hours after being fired, Williams appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. After the show, Hannity noticed that Williams looked upset and asked if he was Ok.

When Williams said NPR had fired him, “Hannity put his arm around me, and he said, ‘Take it easy, slow down. You are going to be all right,’” Williams tells Newsmax TV on publication of his new book “Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate.”
Read more on Newsmax.com: Juan Williams Takes Aim at NPR

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Who Says That The GOP Doesn't Have A Plan?

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Steve King on default: Obama could be impeached

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said Monday that President Barack Obama “would be impeached” if the nation falls into default.

“STOP talking about default,” he wrote on Twitter. “The 1st dime of each $1 of revenue services debt. Obama would be impeached if he blocked debt payments. C C & B!”

King is among the House Republicans who voted for the so-called “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan that would introduce a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget. The Senate last week dismissed the House bill.

King isn’t the first Republican to suggest that Obama should be impeached over the debt crisis.
Read more at Politico

Rep. Allen West: Obama is a Marxist; I've Been Racist All My Life According To Liberals

Love him or hate him, Rep. Allen West embodies what we want from our representatives - straight talk without politi-speak. He is a breath of fresh air in the cesspool we call Washington, D.C.

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Video Posted By Oslo bomber Anders Behring Breivik Before Attacks

The video that Anders Behring Breivik posted on YouTube before he attacked Oslo City with a bomb which killed 7 people, and before his shooting rampage which killed almost 90 people at Ut√łya outside Oslo

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Obama Breaking Campaign Laws In Zeal For 2nd Term?

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Obama tests the line between campaigning and his official duties
By: Philip Klein
Senior editorial writer Follow Him @Philipaklein
07/21/11 8:05 PM

At a tense period in debt limit negotiations, President Obama will travel to the University of Maryland at College Park for a town hall meeting on Friday, continuing a familiar pattern.

Back in February, Obama spoke about his economic plans at Penn State University. The following month, he and top Cabinet officials visited Georgetown University to outline his energy and environmental policies. A few weeks later, in April, Obama unveiled his new deficit-reduction "framework" at George Washington University.

Over the past several months, Obama and other top administration officials -- from Vice President Biden down through the Cabinet agencies -- have participated in more than 100 events at colleges and high schools throughout the country.
Read more at the Washington Examiner

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Maryland Governor - GOP Trying To Hurt Obama With Debt Negotiations

Martin O'Malley at Maryland National Guard Cha...Image via Wikipedia
Posted by Brian
Maryland, I feel truly sorry for you, having put this obviously intellectually challenged person in charge of your state.  How else to explain his asinine statement that the GOP would like to "kill the jobs recovery" in order to defeat Obama.  What?! The economy has lost an average of 181,000 jobs per month since March, while the unemployment rate has increased another .4%.
In an apparent swipe at the Tea Party, he calls them the "dinosaur wing" of the GOP.  At least he refrained from calling us racists.
Md. Governor: ‘Dinosaur Wing’ of the GOP Trying to ‘Kill’ Economic Recovery

Thursday, July 21, 2011
By Matt Cover

Washington (CNSNews.com) – Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) said that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and the “dinosaur wing of the Republican Party” are actively trying to ruin the economy by undermining debt-ceiling negotiations.
Read more at CNS News

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Debbie "Was-A-Man" Schultz- The Liberal Gift That Keeps On Giving

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 06:  U.S. Rep. Debbie W...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Posted by Brian

Series of videos of DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz making sure everyone knows that she is not the brightest bulb in the room.

Claiming that Obama turned the economy around

Dodging question on Dems plan to save Medicare (she voted to cut $500B from Medicare - also a hypocrite)

Debating Paul Ryan on Medicare & Social Security

Being shocked that "illegal" immigration is a crime

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Obama's "New" Measure Of Poverty

Posted by Brian
h/t to Mark Levin

Americans are hurting.  Home foreclosures are still high, over 40 million people are on food stamps, and the private sector continues to hemorrhage jobs. Yet even with 9% unemployment and being in the midst of a depression, the vast majority of America's poor enjoy a greater standard of living than those living in poverty as close as across our southern border.  Still we hear of "America's poor". The truth is that those living in poverty in the U.S. would be living high on the hog, comparitively, in a country like Ecuador. I know. I've been to some of these places.  No sewage systems. No running water. No air conditioning.  Maybe a car which barely runs, is 15-20 years old, and is held together with baling wire, if you are on the high end of the poverty scale. Do you notice when you see truly poor people in these countries, you never see people who are overweight?

Guatemala poor

U.S. - In line for food stamps
So what is different, and dishonest, about how America defines poverty? In the past, those in poverty really were poor. They really did worry about where their next meal came from.  Today the definition is being changed to represent a class of citizen who has two color televisions, including a 50-60 inch flatscreen in some cases, two cars, has air conditioning, and wondering whether to have spaghetti or take the kids out for pizza.  Even many of those defined as poor in America have an X-Box, Playstation, or Wii.
The American Thinker has done an excellent assessment of how Obama is further redefining how poverty is measured, so that in Obamaworld, poverty will never disappear.

July 20, 2011
Obama Redefining 'Poverty'
By David Paulin

What does it mean to be poor in America today? For typical "poor" households -- as defined by the government -- it means cable television, two color television sets, and two or more cars.

As for housing, it means living in air-conditioned comfort -- in decent accommodations with even more space than "average" Europeans have. (Not poor Europeans, to be sure, but "average" Europeans.) Moreover, most "poor" Americans get the medical care they need, and they eat enough -- in fact, they eat too much.

In short, the lifestyles of most "poor" Americans are vastly at odds with dire government statistics about poverty in America -- statistics that invariably send liberals and media pundits into hand-wringing fits and moralistic outrage. Now comes an antidote to this absurdity -- a report released on Monday by the Heritage Foundation that is appropriately titled: "Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today?"
Read more at The American Thinker

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The 'Gang of Six' Is Back, & They Want $1 Trillion!

"Dr. Coburn and Senator Obama look over t...Image via Wikipedia
Coburn and Obama
Posted by Brian
The 'Gang of Six', led by Senator Tom Coburn, is in the process of screwing the taxpayers and GOP once again.  Coburn, who is quick to point out his conservative bonafides, has been less so since the election of Barack Obama.  It makes you wonder what Obama has on him, or maybe worse, what he has offered him.  The bottom line is that he has become part of the Beltway elite, caught up in the D.C. machinery, and is a shadow of his previous constitutionally-grounded self.  His sudden newfound friendship with Barack Obama in 2009 has had a profound effect on him, as he has at times been an apologist for the President, and it appears is carrying the water for Obama in this deal. Obama is not happy about this deal because the Republicans are getting a good deal out of this. Et tu, Tom?
Here are just a few of the stories over the last few years regarding Tom Coburn and President Obama:
Senator Coburn Defends Obama Against GOP Attacks
U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, Barack Obama form unlikely friendship
Obama, Coburn: Odd Bedfellows in the Hunt for Bipartisanship
Why Obama's friends with Coburn
Obama Thrown a Debt Ceiling Life Preserver by…Tom Coburn

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Tom Coburn says that this his last term, so we won't get the chance to "Primary" his butt. Do remember whatever Republicans jump ship and lets clean house of both Democrats and the multitude of RINO's who are still taking this country down.

Huge deficit-cutting bill sails through GOP House

 Huge deficit-cutting bill races through Republican House; bipartisan effort picks up support

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Defying a veto threat, the Republican-controlled House voted Tuesday night to slice federal spending by $6 trillion and require a constitutional balanced budget amendment to be sent to the states in exchange for averting a threatened Aug. 2 government default.

The 234-190 vote marked the power of deeply conservative first-term Republicans, and it stood in contrast to calls at the White House and in the Senate for a late stab at bipartisanship to solve the nation's looming debt crisis.

President Barack Obama and a startling number of Republican senators lauded a deficit-reduction plan put forward earlier in the day by a bipartisan "Gang of Six" lawmakers that calls for $1 trillion in what sponsors delicately called "additional revenue" and some critics swiftly labeled as higher taxes.
Read more at Yahoo Finance

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Job Security: You're More Likely To Die Than Get Fired If You Work For The Govt.

Posted by Brian

Some federal workers more likely to die than lose jobs

By Dennis Cauchon, USA TODAY

Federal employees' job security is so great that workers in many agencies are more likely to die of natural causes than get laid off or fired, a USA TODAY analysis finds.

Death — rather than poor performance, misconduct or layoffs — is the primary threat to job security at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Small Business Administration, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Office of Management and Budget and a dozen other federal operations.

The federal government fired 0.55% of its workers in the budget year that ended Sept. 30 — 11,668 employees in its 2.1 million workforce. Research shows that the private sector fires about 3% of workers annually for poor performance, says John Palguta, former research chief at the federal Merit Systems Protection Board, which handles federal firing disputes.
Read more at USA Today

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Toronto Public Schools Enforce Islamic Sharia On Menstruating Girls

Posted by Brian

Sharia in Toronto: the Muslim Girls on Their Period Have to Sit in the Back

July 19, 2011 - 12:00 am - by Bruce Bawer

This sort of thing should send a chill down the spine of anyone who understands what it means for a country to be free or for a school to be public.

It never ceases to amaze. Sharia is putting down roots all over the West, in ever more explicit and obvious ways. And bien pensant folks on the Left continue to insist, fiercely and self-righteously, that nothing of the kind is going on — even though it’s happening right under their noses.

One of the lastest breathtaking examples: a public middle school in Toronto where Friday prayers are part of the curriculum.

The other day the Toronto Star ran a picture showing a group of students at prayer. There were three groups, ranged according to status. In the front were the praying boys. Behind them were the praying girls. Way in the back were the girls who were menstruating, and thus forbidden from participating in prayer.

Now, this sort of thing should send a chill down the spine of anyone who understands what it means for a country to be free or for a school to be public. But nowadays all too many people — especially, it seems, people in positions of public authority — are quick to justify such outrages, as long as Islam is in the picture. In the National Post, for example, Tasha Kheiriddin quoted one Chris Spence, education director of the Toronto District School Board, as saying this:

As a public school board, we have a responsibility and an obligation to accommodate faith needs.
Read more at Pajamas Media

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