Ted Nugent on "Bureaucratic Chimps"

Agree or Disagree, you always know where Uncle Ted stands.


Another reason I love and respect the men and women of our military.  If you feel like you are having a bad day, and things are stacked against you, watch this.


Kagan's 1st Amendment Problem

As the "battle" over Elena Kagan begins, I can't help but think how close we are to having a Supreme Court which will begin to overturn portions of the Bill of Rights, should she be confirmed.  Most likely she will be confirmed, as once a nominee reaches this step in the process, the committee is, for all practical purposes, a rubber stamp.

#2 Shariah Islamic Law in America and Europe: What the West Needs To Know

Get informed. Get Involved. Shari'a Law is here in America.

Watch this video.


America The Beautiful

It's Only A Little Freedom

Sometimes it's the little things that can make you crazy.  Those little innocuous events, that taken by themselves mean little, but when looked at in combination with a series of other "little" things, push that button that you don't like to have pushed.  This is what happened to me yesterday.


General McChrystal: Media Ignores the Bigger Story

When the President accepted General Stanley McChrystal's resignation over a Rolling Stone magazine story in which the most damaging thing the General said, when asked about Joe Biden, said "Who's that"? How does this rise to the level of insubordination?


Obama's Raw Deal

President Barack Hussein Obama love to be compared to FDR. He was elected to office with his “vision” of change. Not slow, deliberate, incremental change, but massive changes in all aspects of governments’ role in our society.



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