Obama's Raw Deal

President Barack Hussein Obama love to be compared to FDR. He was elected to office with his “vision” of change. Not slow, deliberate, incremental change, but massive changes in all aspects of governments’ role in our society.
 He stated that he wanted to “fundamentally” change the way America looked. When he said that, a chill ran down my spine. How could my fellow countrymen not pick up on that line? To “fundamentally” change something, you tear it down to its foundation, and build it back up. This is what we are now seeing happen, right in front of our eyes. This administration has overseen the takeover of GM, the financial industry, and health care. Now it looks like this administration may have the oil industry in its cross hairs. Regardless of whether I believe that BP is responsible for paying for the cleanup of this mess in the gulf, there are laws that must be followed, and this is a matter for the courts. The President, and the Executive Branch does NOT have the constitutional authority to, in essence, strong arm BP, or any other company, into paying $20B into, what will most likely be, a government slush fund. BP is certainly responsible for the explosion and the leak, but the governments’ hands are not clean in this either. There is no reason that the oil should be reaching the beaches and wetlands along the gulf coast. This travesty lies square on the shoulders of this President, and his inaction in the early days of the explosion. For refusing help from at least 13 countries for cleanup equipment and expertise, failing to allow barriers to be built, as requested by Gov. Jindal of Louisiana (in the 1st week), refusing oil booms to control the spread of the oil. With the election of President Obama, we did not get a New Deal for the 21st Century, we got a Raw Deal for our kids and future generations.

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