'Chicken Little' Wasserman-Schultz: Romney Will Throw Seniors Out On The Street

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h/t to The Shark Tank

Never underestimate the depths to which Florida Congresswoman, and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will sink to in defending Obama, ObamaCare, or bashing opponents.  In the past she led a protest outside Congressman Allen West's campaign headquarters in which she has called him "anti-woman" and "misogynistic".  Never let it be said that "Little Debbie" ever lets an opportunity pass to say something really despicable about Republicans or their policies.

Such is the case virtually every time she speaks on health care.  Especially if there are senior citizens present.  Her arsenal consists of Republicans want to "kill" seniors. Republicans want to put seniors on a "path to poverty".  Her latest vile theme is that Mitt Romney health care plans would put senior citizens "out in the cold" and turn them out of nursing homes. To be fair, if this weren't a group of senior citizens, but were instead a bunch of kids at a children's hospital, or she was at an NAACP conference, her message would have accommodated her audience to scare the hell out of them at too. She is nothing, if not consistent, in her vileness.

Curious though, how she fails to mention that ObamaCare takes $818B out of Medicare Part A to help pay for ObamaCare in the first ten years.  At the twenty year mark it is $3.2 TRILLION. Just a small thing to omit.  Oh! And Medicare Part B (physicians fees) isn't spared either. That is cut nearly $500B during the first ten years, and $1.75 trillion over 20 years.  How will this affect senior citizens, dear Debbie?  Might it create a reduction in non-critical services? Of course, what is deemed to be "non-critical" will be determined, not by physicians, but by bureaucrats in Washington or some other politburo-type setting.  And of course, the doctors, who are already losing money on Medicare patients, are probably not going to like that their fees will be cut even further.  Some might even decide to retire early, leaving a shortage of doctors to deal with elderly patients.  I wonder what that will do for the quality of care for seniors?  If they're having medical problems at such an advanced age, is it really fair to them to put them through a all of the surgeries, needles, and hospital stays?  I mean, what kind of quality of life is that?  Wouldn't it be better to just let them "die with dignity"?
Of course, not all doctors will leave their practice, but there will still be a shortfall to the hospitals due to the cuts in Medicare B.  I guess they can just roll those into the premiums that the rest of the people pay for their insurance, especially the rich.  But, of course, not all people will be able to absorb these new increases.  How will the government deal with that? I guess they can always make cuts here and there to certain kinds of medications and procedures, especially for the very young and the elderly.  It really wouldn't be cost effective to spend that money on somebody who's on the downhill slide, now would it?
Now, about the very young.  If they're already having medical problems at such a tender age, is it really fair to them to put them through a life of surgeries, needles, and hospital stays?  I mean, what kind of quality of life is that?  Wouldn't it be better to just let them "die with dignity".  Plus, the amount of money that would be need to "fix" them would mean that they are using more than their fair share of 'lifetime care'.  Those selfish bastards!

Yeah.  Debbie always seems to leave out what ObamaCare is already slated to do to the Medicare plans of senior citizens.  But then again, she wouldn't want to scare them now.  Would she?

DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz Instilling Fear in Seniors, Again
July 30, 2012 | Filed under: Commentary | Posted by: Javier Manjarres
By Javier Manjarres

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz continues on with her fear-mongering and scaring of seniors in New Hampshire by stating that GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan would force seniors out of nursing homes and “out in the cold” if they were to elect him  president.
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Stalin-like Bloomberg Tells Hospitals Not To Give New Mothers Baby Formula!

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So what next Bloomberg, you little piece of crap! 

Is this one of the first cost-cutting measures for ObamaCare?  Baby Formula!?  What the hell else are they not going to provide in the future?

Mayor Bloomberg apparently thinks the skies the limit for micromanaging the diets of New Yorkers, quite literally now, from the cradle to the grave.  Until residents of the Big Apple decide to fight back, the little man with the Napoleon complex will continue to ride roughshod over more and more of their everyday lives.

And there are some who want this asshat to run for President?

New York Mayor Bloomberg wants to HIDE baby formula in hospitals to put pressure on new mothers to breastfeed 
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER PUBLISHED: 11:40 EST, 29 July 2012 | UPDATED: 13:37 EST, 29 July 2012

Mayor Bloomberg has demanded that hospitals stop handing out baby formula to persuade more new mothers to breastfeed their babies.

The New York City health department will monitor the number of formula bottles being given out and demand a medical reason for each one.

From September 3, 27 out of 40 hospitals in the city have agreed to the terms of the Latch On initiative - which will also see them stop handing out free bags of formula and bottles.
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Dem Food Nazi's Taking Case National With Soda Tax

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H/T Breitbart

Rep. Rosa DeLauro D-CT
What the hell is up with these Dems in the Northeast?  Restrictions on salt, trans-fats, baby formula, Big Gulps, etc. Now they want to take their fascism nationwide with a national tax on sodas?! Screw her and the Bloomturd she rode in on!  Where does this friggin' stop?  I'll tell you - IT DOESN'T.  This little Hitler's get an inch, and they want to push across the Rhine and start taxing everything! And this is before ObamaCare is even fully implemented. Wait until that happens! With "preventative" health measures, nothing will be off the table to these miscreants!!

Take a good look at this woman (it is a woman, right?). RosaDelauro looks like she could stand to drink a few sodas... along with eating a couple of dozen cheeseburgers, and a box of donuts.  Or, if red meat is too heavy, I hear Chick-Fil-A has great sandwiches, and their peach shake is to die for! That is, unless she's trying to go for the 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' look.

DeLauro, Bloomturd, and the rest of these food Nazis need to leave our food alone.


Pelosi: Republicans Exploiting Jews! That's Our Job, Dammit!

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H/T to The Weekly Standard and Real Clear Politics

Nancy Pelosi illustrates her IQ
Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are increasingly indicating their concerns about the upcoming election.
And they should be.  Key constituencies are indicating a move away from the Democrats this year, especially in contrast to 2008.  The gender gap and the age gap are both showing a move away from the Democrats.  The Jewish vote, though the GOP won't win a majority, is seeing a sizable shift to the GOP, at least in the short-term. Blacks, which voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008, in numbers only seen in countries like Iraq under Saddam Hussein, are seeing either some movement to the GOP, or a general apathy in voting this election.
So, what is Nancy Pelosi to do? To tell Jewish voters that they are too 'smart' to be 'exploited' by the Republicans. See Video Here
Psst! Hey Nancy! You're right! Voters are smart. Jews, women, men, blacks, Latinos, Asians, are all engaged.  And they have realized they are being exploited, and have been for years!  By you and the Democrats!

Pelosi: Republican Jews 'Being Exploited' "And they're smart people."
9:55 AM, JUL 28, 2012 • BY DANIEL HALPER

In an interview, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said that she believes Republican Jews are "being exploited," but she was sure to add, "And they're smart people."

Pelosi made the comments in response to whether Jewish voters would support President Barack Obama in the presidential election later this year.
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Media: Quoting Obama Is Now 'RACIST'

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These folks are getting desperate, folks. As Obama once was King Midas, and everything he touched seemingly turned to gold back in 2008, in 2012 he is now King "My Ass", and everything is turning to crap right before their eyes.
He can't run on his economic policies. Unemployment is at 8.2%, up .1% from two months ago, and overall economic growth is STILL under 2%, virtually stagnant. Food stamp recipients are at an all time high, as are disability claims. The debt has increase of $5 Trillion in three years, with trillion dollar-plus deficits projected out as far as the eye can see.
The Middle East is ready to explode. Iran is on the verge of nuclear weapons and threatens to wipe Israel "off the face of the earth", while Israel considers first-strike options before that becomes a reality.  Syria is in the midst of their own "Arab Spring" with Assad barely hanging on to power, and threatening the use of chemical weapons. The Muslim Brotherhood is in a struggle for power with the military in Egypt, and if they gain power promise a new caliphate with the seat of power in Jerusalem.
Our European allies are lukewarm at best, uncertain of what to do without a strong U.S. President projecting a strength and certainty in both foreign and economic policy.
The youth and leftists at home are ticked at his as well for broken campaign promises in 2008. Gitmo is still open, and there are still troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
And no Dorothy, you're not in Kansas, and there is no "Obama money".
So now the media and Obama's surrogates are down to this: Romney and his supporters are all racist.  Even the ones who voted for Obama the first time, but disenchanted, are voting for Romney this time. Policy differences are unacceptable in Obama-world. There can be only one reason.
It's a black thing.

by JOHN NOLTE  27 Jul 2012

With Rasmussen showing Romney enjoying a five-point lead (and that's a pollster everyone in media knows is reliable, which is why they prefer juiced NBC polls), the media is now in pure panic mode. Furthermore, Obama's Media Palace Guards know that when the full context is played of Obama's revealing "you didn't build that" quote, it's absolutely devastating for Obama because the full context of those comments show the President openly ridiculing America's small business owners.
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Oregon Court Says Rainwater Belongs To State, Sentences Man To 30 Days In Jail For Reservoirs On Property

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Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail -- for Collecting Rainwater on His Property
By Kendra Alleyne July 26, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – A rural Oregon man was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in jail and over $1,500 in fines because he had three reservoirs on his property to collect and use rainwater.

Gary Harrington of Eagle Point, Ore., says he plans to appeal his conviction in Jackson County (Ore.) Circuit Court on nine misdemeanor charges under a 1925 law for having what state water managers called “three illegal reservoirs” on his property – and for filling the reservoirs with rainwater and snow runoff.
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Dems Attempt To Put Gun Control Amendment In Cybersecurity Bill

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"Schmucky" Schumer went to the floor of the Senate to argue for "common sense" gun control, and that average American's don't need an "assault" weapon to go hunting.
Uh, the Second Amendment is not about hunting, moron.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) discusses new Gun Control amendment, while Sen. Harry Reid (background) wipes drool from his lips.
Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill 
By Ramsey Cox - 07/26/12 07:29 PM ET

Democratic senators have offered an amendment to the cybersecurity bill that would limit the purchase of high capacity gun magazines for some consumers.

Shortly after the Cybersecurity Act gained Senate approval to proceed to filing proposed amendments and a vote next week, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), a sponsor of the gun control amendment, came to the floor to defend the idea of implementing some “reasonable” gun control measures.
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DOJ To Catholic Business: Provide Free Sterilization, Abortions or Lose Business

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Obama's Wars on private-sector business and religion continue!

DOJ to Colorado Family: Give Up Your Religion or Your Business 
By Terence P. Jeffrey July 26, 2012

HHS Secretary "Nurse Ratched" Kathleen Sebelius
(CNSNews.com) - The Justice Department last week presented the Newland family of Colorado--who own Hercules Industries, a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning business--with what amounted to an ultimatum: Give up your religion or your business.

“Hercules Industries has ‘made no showing of a religious belief which requires that [it] engage in the [HVAC] business,” the Justice Department said in a formal filing in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.
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SHARIA ALERT! DOJ Refuse To Say If They Would Criminalize 'Criticism' Of Islam

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If The Islamists Have Their Way, I Would Be Arrested For This Article

Members of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have asked the Justice Department to "criminalize" criticism of Islam as "racial discrimination". Setting aside for the moment the absolute outrageousness of this request, even more outrageous is the Asst. Attorney General's refusal to answer the question of whether the DOJ would even entertain that request for any religion!

Let's be clear here:  I'm sick of this crap! Here, we have a group of Islamists, unindicted co-conspirators  in raising and sending money to the terrorist group Hamas, demanding that the DOJ effectively enforce a back-door for instituting Sharia Law in the United States, and this jackass can't, or won't, confirm if the DOJ is even "considering" it?

For anybody who thinks that Eric Holder's DOJ and the Obama Administration aren't "actively" instituting policies, issuing new regulations, and meeting with individuals and groups who are enemies of the U.S. to "fundamentally change" our country, and destroy it from within, you either have your head in the sand, aren't paying attention, or support it.  All are unacceptable.

Though 9/11 happened nearly eleven years ago, the Islamists have not abandoned their goals.  The one thing you can say about them is that they are patient.  From 632 AD to the present, there have been only two periods in which Islam has not been ruled by caliphates.  The first non-caliphate period was from 1258 -1299 AD, a period of 41 years.  The second is from 1924 to the present, or 88 years.  So, we are currently in the longest stretch of non-caliphatic rule in Islam's 1380 year history since the death of Mohammed.

If you think that the Islamists aren't "itching" to reestablish their caliphate, you are sadly mistaken.  And so are the members of this Administration, who have bent over backwards to kowtow to those who would have not just the United States, but all of the Middle East, Asia, and Western Europe under a one-world Caliphate.  They have stated as much! You wouldn't know it though, from the absolute blackout on this kind of reporting, from a media who exemplify the term "useful idiots".

The DOJ, it appears, is continuing the "submission" to the Islamists which is taking place throughout the Federal, and some State, agencies. The FBI has already gone through the process of removing "anti-Muslim" documents from its training materials, under the watchful eye of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), of course.  Never mind the fact that CAIR, like ISNA, has ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The same with the Muslim Students Association (directly founded by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1963 at the Univ. of Illinois), the Muslim American Society, and the Islamic Circle of North America. To Obama, his Administration, and leftist dupes, we just all need to get along.

That's a dangerous position when you are dealing with an ideology whose faith says "submit or die".  Where's the common ground there?

DOJ Official Won’t Say Whether Justice Department Would ‘Criminalize Speech against Any Religion’
By Melanie Hunter July 26, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas Perez refused to say Thursday whether the Justice Department would ever “entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion.”

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LA Times Says Obama Too Smart for Voters

LOL! Wait! Obama's too smart?! I can't breath! ROFL! I need my 'breathalyzer'! I mean my 'inhalator'!!  Oh, this is too rich!


Posted by Brian
Read The Article: Daum: Too Brainy To Be President?
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