Egypt: Obama, Clinton Back Islamists To "Guarantee" Democratic Rule

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New Egyptian President, Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi, is getting quite the welcome from the Barack Obama Administration. Obama rolling out the red carpet for Morsi to come to the US to meet.  When it happens, I wonder if Obama will leave Morsi alone in a room while Obama steps out for a couple of hours to grab a bite to eat, as he did with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying that the US backs Morsi against the Egyptian military's support of their constitutional court's order to disband their parliament.  The same Hillary Clinton who embraced and kissed Yasser Arafat's wife after the latter had said Israel poisons Arabs with the AIDS virus.

Now the US officially embraces the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi.

Mohammed Morsi, who is forging new ties with and supporting Iran and its madman Mahmoud Ahmadinijad.  Mohammed Morsi, who wants to "reconsider" its peace accord with Israel.  Mohammed Morsi, whose Muslim Brotherhood wants to install a worldwide Muslim caliphate, ruled by sharia.

My question is: How can a single Jewish American support Barack Obama and his anti-Israel, anti-Semitic policies?

Not all Egyptians are pleased with the Obama Administration's support of the Muslim Brotherhood

by AWR HAWKINS  15 Jul 2012

As I have written in other posts, there is serious trouble in Egypt. Their constitutional court recently disbanded the nation's parliament in a bid to end the influence Islamists enjoyed there. Yet even as they disbanded it, the Egyptian people elected a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi, for president. Meanwhile, Egypt's military is supporting the constitutional court's decision to disband parliament, thus Morsi and the military are estranged to say the least.
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