Is Anyone Tired Of Obama's Vaudeville Crap Yet?

More Obama Vaudeville
Well, once again we have video of the "Anointed One", the "Paramedic in Chief", giving medical advice to sycophants in his audience on how not to pass out, to drink plenty of water, yada, yada, yada.

In this particular clip, Obama tells his audience that "the paralegals...will be coming by".  Yes, it's another in a long line of verbal gaffes by the President. Whatever.

What I really get tired of is this "phenomenon" of obviously staged and scripted fainting, and near-fainting, by members of his audience at virtually every campaign stop.  We then get the video of how "great", and calm, cool, and collected he is in time of human crisis.

Does anyone really believe this crap anymore? Get a new gig, you moron.


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