Obama To Business People: "You Didn't Build" SH*T

Posted by Brian
As if we need any more evidence that this President's core beliefs are rooted in Marxist ideology, he is on the stump telling audiences and business people how they didn't do it on their own.

I don't want to hear from the Obama zombies and other dupes of how he is only saying that someone had to build the buildings, or how people have to build the products, or build the roads.  These are false arguments and are only to deflect from Obama's radical ideology.

The people who start a business are the entrepreneurs who:

  • Come up with the concept for a product or service.
  • Put up their money to start the business
  • Hire and pay the construction people, carpenters, flooring people, plumbers, electricians, etc., to build their factory/store. (Creating jobs)
  • Hire employees to build the product or provide the service needed (Creating jobs)
  • Pay suppliers for materials, equipment, consumables
  • Pay for shipping to receive their supplies
  • Pay electricity, water, gas to run equipment, industrial equipment, etc.
  • Pay fees, taxes, to city/state/federal government which build roads and infrastructure.
The list is nearly endless.  Business people take the risk with THEIR money to provide goods and services that make our lives easier.  Barack Obama has never created shit, other than hate, discontent, and divisiveness in every community that he has been a part of.  He has never run a business, made a payroll, or risked any of his own wealth to contribute anything to society.  He has been the beneficiary of government grants, scholarships, and salaries provided by the taxpayers and the business people whom he despises, and wants you to despise.  He is a product of the communists and anarchists that he has been surrounded with since childhood - Frank Marshall Davis, his parents, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and the marxist professors and groups he was admittedly drawn to in college.

If Barack Obama is elected to a 2nd term, we will see what fundamental change really looks like.  And it won't be pretty.

Obama: 'If You've Got a Business, You Didn't Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen'
By Susan Jones July 16, 2012

(CNSNews.com) - President Barack Obama, borrowing a line of thought from liberal Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren, says "wealthy, successful Americans" owe their success to others.

"If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen," Obama said Friday during a campaign stop in Roanoke, Virginia.

His comments echo those made last year by Warren, who is challenging Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) for his U.S. Senate seat.

Warren told supporters last September, "There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.
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