Occupy RNC "Training" Videos Promote Violence At GOP Convention

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A group calling itself "ResistRNC", AKA "Occupy The RNC" has put up "training video" which hints at creating widespread violence at this summer's GOP Convention. They DO have a disclaimer at the top of their website though, which states:

"resistRNC is an above-ground coordinating committee. We are not organizing actions."

Whew! I feel better.  They aren't an organizing committee.  No. They are a bunch of anarchists.  The same scumbags who have been coaching other scumbags and unwitting dupes, in places like New York and Oakland.  The people behind this are "hands-off" organizers.  Left-wing "intellectuals" and "trust fund babies" who are too cowardly to actually get their hands dirty, lest they mess up their mani-pedi's.  They are the Vladimir Lenin's to the hapless Trotskyites out doing the grunt work for them.  And we all know what happened to Trotsky after the Russian Revolution.

Her parents must be proud
These punks refer to their violent protests as "theatre".  They are only there to do "material damage" to banks and corporations.  But they still want to show that they "care" for their "fellow man".  What drivel.  They are criminals, anarchists, primordial sludge, or whatever.  Go out bust a few windows, turn over busses, burn cop cars, but be sure to cry police brutality when you get pepper-sprayed, or busted upside the head with a baton. Post an Orwellian-style, heavily edited video of all the "out-of-control authorities".  Include subtitles telling the viewer that all of the arrests were unjustified, and the charges are trumped up.  Make sure to have plenty of video of useful idiots, bloodied after running headlong into a police line.  Throw in some girls, sobbing uncontrollably about how "mean" and "violent" the police are.  Hyperventilating is always effective.

These "Black Bloc" idiots, while claiming to want to "fix the system", are only intent on "tearing the system down".  This is not a new thing.  It's rehashed crap right out of the 1960's and early 70's radical movement.  Hell, the rock group Chicago even wrote songs voicing support, saying to "tear the system down, down to the ground", and other songs sympathetic to the radicals.  Maybe their early stuff will make a comeback.

All of this is straight out of Van Jones' "Top Down/Bottom Up/Inside Out" method of overthrowing the government. Create chaos through violence and other means, until the people are begging the government to step in (Martial law).

ResistRNC are not patriots, or "freedom fighters".  They are anarchist punks whose goal is to destroy, or "fundamentally transforming",  the United States of America.

I hope Americans are paying attention.

On YouTube was posted this "Manifesto"
To The People  Who Don`t Understand  why Black Bloc Activists  Use Militant Tactics  To Destroy Corporate Property. Black Bloc Activists Are NOT Protesters. They are not there to protest.  they are there to take direct action  against the machineries of oppression. Their actions are designed to cause material damage  to oppressive institutions. But much more importantly they are intended as theatre. As a dramatized illustration.  that even in the face of an overwhelming police state the people still have the power. That the cops and banks aren't as powerful  as they try to convince us and it really is within our power  to strike back  if they turn against us. And that defying authority  and subverting "law and order"  doesn't have to mean abandoning ethics,  humanity,  or care for your fellow man.  
These are vital lessons  that the public needs to be reminded of  now more than ever. Even if you disagree with the particulars I hope most people can agree  that those in power  should fear the public police blatantly and smugly  disregarding people's basic rights. it seems that they have lost that healthy fear. It seems they see the public as a docile mass  to be herded and controlled at will. Militant protest is an effort  to keep the threat alive  in a way that standing around  waving signs never will, and for that we should be glad of it  
The more completely we forget our power  to strike back at those who would dominate us, the more complete their domination becomes.
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