Media Fails To Report That Man Convicted OF Plot To Kill Obama A Muslim

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Media Bows to Radical Islam and Sharia
Today's media and the Obama Administration have so invested themselves in the the myth that all People of Islam are part of a religion of "peace" that when an Islamist plotting to assassinate the POTUS is convicted of the crime, they fail to even mention that he is a Muslim.

We, the American people, are being fed a false narrative by the media and this President regarding Islam, and it's dangerous.

While there may be some, or even a lot of Muslims who wish to live peacefully, and become more westernized, they are silent in their dissent of those who are pushing an Islamist agenda here in the United States and in Europe.  The reason for this is the governments absolute refusal to take a firm stance with those who are pushing the radical Islamist agenda.  Groups like CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Islamic Students Association, which all push radical agendas, Sharia, and special rights for Muslims are who the government have partnered with.  The media, who asked after the 9/11 attacks, "Why do they hate us", long ago submitted to the idea that ALL Muslims are peacefull, and bend over backward (and forwards) to avoid even the mention of Islam or Muslim in their stories which might have show a Muslim in a negative light. In one of the worst massacres on US soil, the Fort Hood Massacre, the media were terrified of reporting that the shooter, Nidal Hasan, was Muslim, that they and the Army eventually referred to the jihad attack as a case of "workplace violence".

Meanwhile, men like retired Army Lt. General William Boykin are trying to alert people that Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood are here, and have infiltrated the government up to the very highest levels.  He has even exposed that there have been fifty-three cases in twenty-eight states in which appellate court cases have been decide using Sharia Law - by U.S. Judges!!  Judges who have been sworn to uphold the law and the U.S. Constitution.

In the case of this man who plotted to kill the President, the AP story fails to mention, even once, that the man was Muslim.  In other stories, this fact is a mere afterthought, buried at the end of the story.

This President, and the mainstream media may want to bury their heads in the sand, and pretend that the Islamists and their religion are not a threat, but those of us out here who are paying attention, are not politically correct, and who refuse to bow to these savages will continue to get the word out to the masses  as best we can.

Uzbek man sentenced to 15 years for plot to kill Obama
An Uzbek man who pleaded guilty in February to threatening to kill the president was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday.
By JAY REEVES The Associated Press

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — An Uzbek man who came to America pursuing an Ivy League medical degree but wound up working seven days a week at a mall kiosk in Alabama was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison Friday for plotting to kill President Obama.
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