Mandela Memorial: Michelle Publicly Puts Barack In The Doghouse - Hilarious Photos

Posted by Brian

The Kennedy's gave us Camelot.  The Obama's give us Spamalot.

Dear Diary,
Here I am at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Service and they sat me next to the Danish Prime Minister, who is kind of hot.  I even got a couple of pictures of the day.
(Top to Bottom)
(1) Me getting chummy with Denmark's beautiful blond PM.  Yeah I still got it!
(2)Me taking selfie with beautiful blond Danish PM and that British co**blocker PM David Cameron.
(3) Michelle gives me 'the look'. Just don't say anything and maybe it'll pass.
(4) Boy, it's going to be a long flight home!

Barack H. Obama

America's First Couple - Always the picture of class and decorum.

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