Utah Judge: Polygamy Ban is Unconstitutional

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When you have breached the firewalls, where does it stop?

Remember when those on the left said that it was fear-mongering to even suggest that same-sex marriage would open the door to polygamy, polyamory (group marriage), bestiality, and other practices outside of traditional marriage?  There were those of us who saw this as the logical extension of what the left is doing.  They want to destroy the institutions and fundamental traditions that have made America the greatest country on the planet. The problem is, is that many Americans just can't comprehend how sick the leftist mind really is, and refuse to believe that anyone could have those motives.
Islam has a practice called taqiya, which states it is okay to deceive someone if it helps to further the islamic faith. Leftists have learned well from islamists and other immoral societies throughout history, and practice the same thing to further their religion of liberalism.
This is why it is foolish to enter into "good faith" negotiations with today's liberals and statists. They engage in their own version of taqiya, practicing a "by any means necessary" playbook to further their agenda. Lying, cheating, and deceiving are all acceptable to these leftists.  One need look no further than ObamaCare to see this.  Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Democrats and leftists knew they couldn't be honest with the American people about what was in the bill, or how it would negatively affect them.  They certainly couldn't admit that the whole thing was an elaborate plan to redistribute wealth.  The American people wouldn't have supported it.  It is why Nancy Pelosi was out there saying that they needed "to pass it, so you can see what's in it".
It's the same thing with this.  American's would not go along with gay marriage if they know that, for the leftists, its just a first step toward polygamy, polyamory, and the deconstruction and shredding of the moral fabric has made this country a shining example to the rest of the world for over 200 years.

Polygamy advocate groups hail judge's ruling in Utah
Published December 15, 2013Associated Press

Advocacy groups for polygamy and individual liberties on Saturday hailed a federal judge's ruling that key parts of Utah's polygamy laws are unconstitutional, saying it will remove the threat of arrest for those families.

U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups said in the decision handed down Friday that a provision in Utah law forbidding cohabitation with another person violated the First Amendment right of freedom of religion.
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