Ed Schultz: Deadbeat Employer and Tax Dodger

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In true liberal fashion, MSNBC's porcine Ed Schultz has been exposed as the hypocrite he accuses others of being.
Ed is the quintessential leftist who rails against capitalism and evil corporations, calls on "the rich" to pay their "fair share" in taxes, and rants about the virtues of socialized medicine and single payer health care.
However, that appears to be all it is - talk.
According to the Daily Caller, Ed Schultz who has two businesses, which he headquarters in the state of North Dakota.  Why North Dakota?  Because he dodges the higher tax rates in his home state of Minnesota.  And while he is advocating for government-run health care, the apparently less-than-compassionate Ed Schultz does NOT provide his employees health insurance. Ed sounds like one of those greedy rich bastards that he's always railing against.
Ed also likes to point out how, in his estimation, the rich don't pay their fair share of taxes and are sticking it to the working man and woman.  Well, it seems that not only does Ed avoid higher taxes by setting up his companies in lower tax rate states, in some cases he tries to avoid them altogether, seeing as South Dakota has a tax lien against his construction company.
As a final stake through the heart of this vampire of the working class, while Ed screams against corporate bailouts, and defends union bailouts, he gladly takes $72,000 from the UAW, paid for off the dues, and backs, of the assembly line workers - who incidentally may see a 25% hike in their membership dues.
Yeah, Ed's a real class act. Low class.

Read the Daily Caller Story: Ed Schultz: Employee-stiffing, tax-dodging man of the people

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