"A Big Amen!" Ed Schultz says God Supports ObamaCare

So God is now talking to Ed Schultz?

An Ed Show viewer (they have those?) asked if he could interview Michele Bachmann to find out what she thinks God would say about ObamaCare.

Ah, yes.  An oh-so clever Ed viewer lobbing him a softball with which to attack two of his favorite targets - Bachmann and God.

Of course Ed was more than happy to, first go after Bachmann, claiming she wouldn't deign to come on his show, presumably because she would want to have to face his rapier-like wit on questions about possible ethics violations by Bachmann and Ron Paul 2012 campaigns and payments to an Iowa politician.

Or it could be that she doesn't want to go on a show with a second-rate host with no viewership to speak of. Or maybe it's because of his misogynistic view on women (especially conservative women), calling Laura Ingraham "a slut".

Shultz, being the big God guy that he is, and despite all of his making fun of conservatives who talk to God through prayer, decided to weigh in on the God part of the question, telling his viewers that God would give "a big amen" to ObamaCare.  Apparently Schultz has his own hotline to the Big Guy.


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