SHOCK! Dem Strategist Called On Her Anti-Tea Party Propaganda and Outright Lies on MSNBC

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An MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry roundtable discussion got heated, as Democrat strategist and former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus, Angela Rye, reached into her liberal bag of talking points, and for the 145,742 time, accused the Tea Party of having racist undertones. 
Specifically she said, "I was just thinking, to me, in 2010, the Republican infighting took a particularly dangerous tone because it wasn’t just about infighting anymore. It was about taking our country back with the resurrection of the Tea Party. And it was very, very racial, whether any of them will admit it or not."
Well, it wasn't, and still isn't, racial.  Furthermore, the rise of the Tea Party started well before 2010, as conservatives began becoming frustrated with the spending of George W. Bush and Republicans.
Ron Christie
To his credit, Ron Christie called Ms. Nye on her blatant race-baiting, informing her that race had absolutely nothing to do with the Tea Party's opposition to Barack Obama. Out of control spending does.
Melissa Harris-Perry stepped into the fray to go to a break, returning to the same discussion when they came back from the break.
Nye then doubled down, bringing up the mystery spitting and use of the "N" word supposedly directed at Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis (D-GA) as Democrats reenacted the civil rights march on Selma as they made their way to vote on ObamaCare.
Problem one: No one  actually ever heard anyone shout the N-word at Lewis,  nor did anyone see anyone spit on Lewis.  Not has anyone been able to produce an audiotape, videotape, or any other evidence that this ever happened, despite literally scores of audio and video recorders all along the route Lewis walked, and at the location where the alleged incident happened. Even Lewis has refused to answer one way or the other to this day.  A $100 thousand dollar reward offered by Breitbart remains unclaimed to this day.
Problem two:  Ron Christie states that he WAS at the march and at the location where the alleged incident took place, and he adamantly denies that either thing happened.
Game, set, match to Christie.

Ron Christie Smacks Down Race Card Propaganda on MSNBC
By Deneen Borelli / 17 December 2013

For far too long, MSNBC hosts and guests have used the race card to unfairly attack the character of Tea Party activists as a means to undermine their credibility.

That’s why I was thrilled to see fellow black conservative Ron Christie shutdown the race card propaganda on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry show last Sunday.

Surrounded by liberals, Christie promptly reacted to the old and wild accusation made by Angela Rye, a former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), that Tea Party activists oppose Obama because of race. Being on MSNBC, Rye must have thought she was in a liberal safe zone where any statement goes without a challenge.
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