Obama Authorizes Slaughter Of Bald Eagles To Fight Global Warming

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Another example of the numerous stories that the mainstream media refuses to, or is uninterested in covering, is the wholesale slaughter of millions of birds and bats (over a half a million birds and nearly 900K bats annually) every year from wind turbines, including those designated as endangered species.  This despite the fact that wind farms account for only about 3% of electricity produced in the U.S.
The sick part of this is that in the mind of the leftist environmentalists, these are acceptable losses.  Of course they are only "acceptable" if they are being slaughtered by a form of energy that they approve of.  Their hypocrisy is apparent when you realize that oil companies have received exorbitant fines for the deaths of migratory birds. Pacificorp paid over $10M for the deaths of just over 500 birds, yet wind farms are killing birds in the millions while remaining nearly unscathed in the deaths they cause.
This is because Obama and all of the Enviro-marxists in charge don't give a crap about slaughtered birds (endangered or otherwise), displaced polar bears or their populations, global warming, melting ice caps or any of the other hot button issues they use to scare people with.  The enviro-marxists are using the green movement as a means to redistribute wealth and destroy capitalism.  If a few bald  eagles get killed, they are not in the least bit concerned.  In fact, being that the bald eagle is the symbol for the United States, whom Obama doesn't like anyway, he really doesn't care that a few get killed. He probably wishes more would.
It will be interesting to see how much, if any time the media gives this story.  My guess is the only place you'll hear about it is here or elsewhere on the web.

President Obama Will Sacrifice Bald Eagles To Fight Global Warming
by James M. Taylor December 13, 2013

The Obama administration announced last Friday that it will grant industrial wind farm operators 30-year permits to kill legally protected bald eagles and golden eagles without fear of legal repercussions. U.S. wind turbines already kill 1.4 million birds and bats each year, including many endangered, threatened and protected species such as California condors, bald eagles and Indiana bats.

The Obama administration claims this annual bird and bat slaughter is necessary to fight global warming. Sources very close to the President have leaked to me the text of the following presidential speech on the topic, which President Obama will deliver later this week in a parallel universe that I will reconstruct (satire) for readers.
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