Disengaged Obama: Shot Down Malaysia Airliner "a terrible tragedy"

An airliner with 23 Americans gets shot down.  The U.S. President springs into action to determine those responsible and to get up to speed on this potential act of war, right?

Not if you're President Barack Obama.

According to a report by The Daily Surge, the President who says he isn't interested in photo-ops, continued with his "normal" schedule, going to a burger joint to have lunch and a photo-op with a single mother, and then continuing on to a $30,000-a-plate fundraiser in New York City.

When asked about the downed plane, Obama remarked that "it may be a terrible tragedy," apparently not aware that it had been shot down.

Barack Obama makes it more clear than ever that he has zero regard for the United State or its citizens.  Obama has mentally checked out on being President, becoming a modern-day Emperor Nero, partying and jet-setting around on taxpayer funds.

Congress needs to impeach this President, who has not only violated his oath on numerous occasions, but also for the simple reason that he no longer seems to even want the job.

Posted by Brian