NJ Teacher Tells Students To Bring Semen-stained Tissues to School For "Art Project"

Posted by Brian

Remember when we could send our children to school and not have to worry if they were safe? Not in the sense of getting in a scuff with another kid. Back in my day, if we got in a fight it was handled by the administration and parents. That's if it was really serious. But you were also allowed to defend yourself from bullies. With today's "zero-tolerance" rules, defending yourself gets your child suspended, and probably a trip in a police cruiser, which is bull crap. Some bullies need to get their ass kicked every once in a while. It makes them more polite and respectful. But I digress.

Anymore, it isn't other children our kids have to feel safe from, it's adult teachers. More and more we hear of both men and women educators being arrested and charged with sexual crimes against students.

Democrat Councilman, teacher, soccer coach, and convicted pedophile Charles Reilly

MyFoxNY.com is reporting that a male art teacher at Pine Hill Middle School, Charles Reilly, who is also a soccer coach and City Councilman,  has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for "inappropriate sexual communication" with 17 male students, including a request to bring in semen-stained tissues for an "art project".

It turns out that he also solicited the boys for sexually explicit photos and was in possession of child pornography.

No mention is made of the Councilman's party affiliation, so I figured it was safe to assume he is a Democrat.  Turns out I am right, though I had to do some digging to find the information. I eventually found it at the bottom of a column at ZoomInfo, stating the Pine Hill borough "Democratic committee now will propose three people to replace Reilly, a Democrat".

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