Obama Administration Embraces The Muslim Brotherhood

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Obama, Hillary Betray Israel

The Obama Administration, which threw Israel under the bus by calling on Israel to retreat to pre-1967 borders, a move that would be suicidal to Israel, is now backing the bus back over them to try to finish the job.  How else to explain the administration's decision to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood as a legitimate partner in Egypt? 
For decades the U.S. refused to negotiate with terrorist organizations.  Jimmy Carter, anti-Semite and all around useful idiot, broke the policy when brokering "peace" with Yassar Arafat and the PLO, giving legitimacy and emboldening terrorists groups all over the Middle East.
Now come Obama, embracing enemies and apologizing for past U.S. "wrongs" all over the world.  Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood, which has consistently called for the annihilation of Israel, sends the message to the entire Middle East that the U.S. government is not the strong partner of Israel that it has been since 1947.
Israel should be very nervous of, not only the Muslim Brotherhood, but of an Obama Administration that doesn't understand, or apparently care, of the special relationship that exists between our two countries.
American's need to ensure that Barack Hussein Obama is not elected to a 2nd term, or their may not be an Israel to have a special relationship with

U.S. to build contacts with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the move is part of U.S. efforts to open communication with important political players in Egypt's post-Mubarak landscape.
By Paul Richter and David Zucchino, Los Angeles Times

July 1, 2011
Reporting from Washington and Cairo—

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that U.S. officials intend to build contacts with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, a sign of American concern that the conservative Islamic group is becoming one of the most important political forces in the post-Mubarak order.

Speaking to reporters in Budapest, Hungary, Clinton said that "given the changing political landscape in Egypt…it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful, and committed to nonviolence, that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency."

The Obama administration has indicated since the uprising early this year that it sees a legitimate role for the group in Egyptian politics. On Jan. 31, then-White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that a reformed Egyptian government had to "include a whole host of important non-secular actors that give Egypt a strong chance to continue to be [a] stable and reliable partner."
READ MORE HERE---> http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-us-brotherhood-20110701,0,810720.story?track=rss

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Democrat Senator: Illegal Alien Could Be Our Future President

Senator Dick Durbin has never been accused of being the brightest man in ANY room. However as a 3-term Senator one would at least expect him to know the basics of the U.S. Constitution that he swore an oath to defend. No such luck, as Durbin led off the first hearing of his pet 'DREAM Act' by asking all the illegals in his audience to stand up (you know, the ones 'hiding in the shadows') and then says he sees in them our future "doctors, our teachers...our senators, and maybe our president." Uh, Senator, try reading Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution, which says: "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President." So not even a LEGAL immigrant can EVER be President. Sigh.
h/t to Stand with Arizona
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Obama AWOL On Debt Talks, Heading To Fundraisers, Camp David

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Obama: Sucking The Life Out Of The Economy

President Obama, fresh off excoriating Republicans and the Congress for taking breaks during debt-ceiling negotiations and convincing senators to cancel their 4th of July plans,turned down an offer from Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to meet with Republicans and attempt to make progress on the negotiations.  True to form, Obama turned down the offer, calling it "a waste of time".
Apparently, with unemployment at 9.2% ( real unemployment (U6) iscloser to 16%), record foreclosures, and 43 million on foodstamps, Obama is just too busy to take time with the minutiae of negotiating a solution to the budget crisis.  I mean, he's a busy man, doing all of this President stuff.  Must be wall to wall meetings, talking to advisors, calling economic experts, and working like a dog trying to keep the U.S. from defaulting on its debts.  Well here is the President's jam packed schedule for today, tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend.  You know. The weekend that he told the senators to "just get it done"?

Thursday, June 30 2011All Times ET Next .
11:00 am The President and The Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office
11:30 am The President meets with senior advisors
12:30 pm The President and The Vice President meet for lunch
3:15 pm The President departs the South Lawn en route Joint Base Andrews
Gather Time 2:55 PM – North Doors of the Palm Room
3:30 pm The President departs Joint Base Andrews en route Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4:15 pm The President arrives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5:35 pm The President delivers remarks at a DNC event
The Hyatt at the Bellevue
8:30 pm The President delivers remarks at a DNC event
Private Residence
9:50 pm The President departs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania en route Joint Base Andrews
10:35 pm The President arrives at Joint Base Andrews
10:50 pm The President arrives at the White House

Friday, July 1 2011All Times ET
10:15 am The President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

Oval Office
10:45 am The President meets with senior advisors
4:30 pm The President departs the South Lawn en route Camp David

HOLY CRAP!!  The man must be completely drained!  His day starts at 10-11 AM (have to get that 9 to 10 hours of beauty rest) with a couple of 30 minute meetings.  The hardest part of his day is at 12:30 PM when he has lunch with VP Biden, having to listen to that blowhard tell stories of the glory days with Teddy Kennedy and Chris Dodd, getting liquored up, and making waitress sandwiches.  Finally he's off to Philly to attend two fundraisers.  Back home by 11PM.  Friday, it's a couple of meetings and off to Camp David for the rest of the weekend.  Have to get in golf rounds #74 and #75.

This is who we (by we, I mean some of you) elected to be President.  Quite possibly the laziest President we've had.  Certainly the most destructive.  You have to wonder: Is the meeting with Republicans a waste of time because the economy is doing exactly what he wants it to do?  Remember, to fundamentally change something (like a country) it has to be torn down to its foundation.  Maybe it's exactly what he wants.
McConnell challenges Obama on debt talks

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Obama Losing Support Of Pro-Israel Jewish Democrats?

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Obama may be losing the faith of Jewish Democrats
6/29/11 4:32 AM EDT

David Ainsman really began to get worried about President Barack Obama’s standing with his fellow Jewish Democrats when a recent dinner with his wife and two other couples — all Obama voters in 2008 — nearly turned into a screaming match.

Ainsman, a prominent Democratic lawyer and Pittsburgh Jewish community leader, was trying to explain that Obama had just been offering Israel a bit of “tough love” in his May 19 speech on the Arab Spring. His friends disagreed — to say the least.

One said he had the sense that Obama “took the opportunity to throw Israel under the bus.” Another, who swore he wasn’t getting his information from the mutually despised Fox News, admitted he’d lost faith in the president.
READ MORE HERE--->  http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0611/57983.html

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Obama Fundraises While Country Burns

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Obama, he of the sharp creased slacks, golf clubs in hand, jetting from golf course to fundraiser, scolds Congress for not getting things done whilst he prepares for his 31st fundraiser since January.  Mr. President, where is your plan?  We have the jet-setting President making his weekly golf outings (while we wage three separate wars), while his Marie Antoinette wife takes the kids on vacation to South Africa to meet with Nelson Mandela.  Meanwhile, the country burns.  Meanwhile, unemployments remains at over 9%. Meanwhile, people are still being foreclosed on. Meanwhile...
Whither the vineyard?

GOP says Obama must work, too
By ABBY PHILLIP | 06/29/11 4:15 PM Updated: 06/29/11 6:06 PM

President Obama is getting pushback from Republicans for his suggestion that Congress isn’t working hard enough on debt ceiling negotiations, even going so far as to imply that they may need to cancel some of their planned district work days in July to make time for talks.

“If by the end of the week, we have not seen substantial progress, then I think members of Congress need to understand, we're going to, you know, start having to cancel things and stay here until we get it done,” Obama said at a press conference on Wednesday. “You know, they're in one week. They're out one week. And then they're saying, 'Obama's got to step in.' ”

But that pointed criticism may have done as much to raise the bar for Obama’s own activities. Tomorrow he plans to travel to Philadelphia for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser on behalf of his reelection campaign — his 31st fundraiser since January. Republicans may now start to scrutinize the Obama calendar’s eclectic mix of stumping and governing (and golfing) even as he tries to ramp up pressure on congressional leaders.
READ MORE HERE--->  http://www.politico.com/politico44/perm/0611/whither_the_vineyard_9c55a734-e02e-4644-a442-d01e115fece0.html

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Obama Scolds Congress For Taking Vacations During Debt Crisis

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Makes Plans For Martha's Vineyard Vacation

In an animated rant that livened up an otherwise subdued press conference, President Obama today lit into Congress for failing to reach an agreement to raise the country’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling as an Aug. 2 deadline approaches, despite repeated urgings by the administration to do so. At one point he even reprimanded lawmakers by noting that his two daughters manage to do their homework ahead of time, a diligence rarely seen on gridlocked Capitol Hill.

Read More Here---> http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2011/06/obama-scolds-congress-says-malia-and-sasha-are-more-disciplined.html

Obama's To Summer On Martha's Vineyard
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Obama "Amused" When People Say He Should Be Involved In Debt Talks

President Obama says he is "amused" when people say he needs to get more involved in the debt crisis talks currently being led by Vice President Joe Biden.

"If you know you have to do something, just do it. And I have to say, I am very amused when I start hearing comments about 'well the President needs to show more leadership on this.' Let me tell you something: Right after we finished dealing with the government shutdown, averting a government shutdown, I called the leaders here together. I said we have to get this done," President Obama said at a press conference this afternoon.

Obama told Congress it is up to them and "they need to do their job."

"Now's the time to go ahead and make the tough choices, that's why they're called leaders."

And why you're not!
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John Lennon Was A Closet...Republican?

John LennonCover of John Lennon
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Lennon Was Embarrassed By His Youthful "Naivete'"

John Lennon was a closet Republican, who felt a little embarrassed by his former radicalism, at the time of his death - according to the tragic Beatles star's last personal assistant.

Fred Seaman worked alongside the music legend from 1979 to Lennon's death at the end of 1980 and he reveals the star was a Ronald Reagan fan who enjoyed arguing with left-wing radicals who reminded him of his former self.
READ MORE HERE---> http://www.torontosun.com/2011/06/28/lennon-was-a-closet-republican-assistant

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Huntsman Presidential Chances Flushed By Reid Endorsement

Official photo of United States Ambassador to ...Image via Wikipedia
Whatever small chance that Jon Huntsman had to get the GOP primary has been damaged by an unlikely ally - Senator Harry Reid (D-NV). Only a day after standing in the place that Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for the 1980 Presidential run, with Lady Liberty standing proud in the background, and saying he has "respect" for President Obama, and that politics need to be more civil, he was already off to a rough start with conservatives. This will probably, and hopefully, put a nail in the coffin of his candidacy.

Reid picks Huntsman in Mormon primary

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The New Caliphate - Islamist Movie Is Call To Arms

The Fatimid Caliphate at its greatest extent.Image via Wikipedia
Add caption

It wasn't long ago that the left was ridiculing Glenn Beck and others for pointing out that the "Arab Spring" was just another step towards radical Islamists vision of a new caliphate. Here, we see an "Islamic call spanning the Globe" for a conference to be held in Great Britain on June 9th. This "conference" is called "The UK Khilafah Conference". Khilafah" is another name for "caliphate". What is a caliphate? It is The Caliph (Arabic: خليفة‎ ḫalīfah/khalīfah) is the head of state in a Caliphate, and the title for the ruler of the Islamic Ummah, an Islamic community ruled by the Shari'ah (from Wikipedia).
Looks like Beck and others were correct, and the useful idiots on the left are once again leading us down a path of tyranny.
Here is the trailer for the UK Khilafah Conference on the 9th of July.

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Cynthia McKinney Claims The US Does Not Have Free Education

Former U.S. Represetative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) has made the complete conversion to Marxist puppet. She should be labeled an enemy of the United States, have her visarevoked, and not be allowed entry back into the United States. She is a propaganda mouthpiece for our enemies and should be treated as such.

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Fareed Zakaria & Ahmed The Dead Terrorist

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Separated at Birth?

Issa: DOJ Covering Up on Mexican Gun-Running Scandal | CNSnews.com

Darrell IssaImage via Wikipedia
(CNSNews.com) - House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R.-Calif.) told CNSNews.com in an interview that he believes the Justice Department is covering up information relevant to a congressional investigation of an operation in which the department knowingly allowed intermediaries of Mexican drug cartels to purchase guns at licensed firearms dealers in the United States and then get away without being arrested or the guns being retrieved.
READ MORE HERE---> Issa: DOJ Covering Up on Mexican Gun-Running Scandal CNSnews.com

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Breaking News - Congressman Issa Has Enough on Obama To Impeach

Breaking News!
.: Breaking News - Congressman Issa Has Enough on Oba...: "By Nicholas Contompasis I've been waiting for this information for months. Most on the Right have suspected foul play by the President an..."

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Latest Pelosi Lie: 50% Support President On Libya

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Nancy Pelosi compares Obama's communication with the American people to "marriage".  After lying about how many American's support our role in Libya (50%?), she makes this convoluted marriage comparison.  She surely must be talking about dysfunctional, abusive marriages where the battered spouse stays despite the abuse.  There is certainly that faction of the populace who continues to defend the President and the Democrats no matter how many times they are "battered" with lies by Pelosi and this President.  However, most Americans now see through the lies and deception.  Even in an abusive relationship, there comes a point where many of those who are the abused see the light and sever ties with their abuser.
Look for abused American voters to make a clean break with Obama and the Democrats in November 2012.

Pelosi: Obama Communicating with Congress is Like ‘A Marriage’

Friday, June 17, 2011
By Nicholas Ballasy

(CNSNews.com) – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi compared President Obama’s communication with the American people on the U.S. military mission in Libya to a marriage on Thursday at her weekly press briefing.

“I saw as I was coming here and you take it for what it was worth, I saw it on TV, that over 50 percent of the American people support what the President is doing in Libya, 30, was it 30 percent – oppose so somehow or other the message, while it may not be enough communication for Congress has reached the American people,” Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill.
READ MORE HERE--->   http://cnsnews.cloud.clearpathhosting.com/news/article/pelosi-obama-communicating-congress-marr

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: "Christian 'Militants' Might Try To Bring Down The Country"

Congressional portrait of Sheila Jackson (D-TX)Image via Wikipedia

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), continues in her quest to be the dumbest person ever to serve in Congress. Her latest foray into vomiting irresponsible (and dangerous)scenarios compares "Christian militants" to Islamic radicals, saying they pose just as big a threat to the United States and the rule of law. While abortion bombers are despicable, they are lone nuts who are condemned by the greater Christian community. Not so the Islamists who flew planes into the twin towers, killing 3,000. Instead we saw dancing in the streets, as the Islamic world celebrated those acts. Condemnation from the greater Islamic world and clerics was nearly non-existent.
My wish is that Democrats keep sending this woman to Congress as an example of the kind of (non)thinking that is typical of the far-left.

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Obama Flip-Flop: Originally Cited War Powers Act Prior To Libyan Strikes

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Flashback: Obama Cites War Powers Resolution in Letter to Congress Announcing Libya Strikes

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
By Matt Cover
(CNSNews.com) – In a March 21 letter to Congress explaining why he ordered military strikes against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, President Barack Obama noted that he was writing the letter so as to be compliant with the War Powers Act.

Now, Obama claims that the Act does not apply to U.S. military action in Libya.
READ MORE HERE--->  http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/flashback-obama-cites-war-powers-resolut

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Weiner: "Bye, Bye Pervert!"

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Anthony Weiner's resigns his position as a member of the House Of Representives at a raucus press conference in Brooklyn.

Constitutional Scholar: "Nothing More Impeachable Than War Without Coming To Congress"

Author of 'Presidential War Powers', Louis Fisher, discusses the impact of President Obama's actions in Libya.

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Nancy Pelosi Says Obama Does Not Need Congress' Authority on Libya

More evidence of why the voters need to do a clean sweep of as many Democrats and "moderate" Republicans as possible in Nov. 2012
Nancy Pelosi said she is "very protective of Congressional prerogative" regarding military action but argues that President Barack Obama does not need Congressional authority for the U.S. military involvement in Libya.

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"Green" Cars Are A Scam

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Produce More Greenhouse Gasses Than Conventional Counterparts
The push for electric cars has just taken a major hit.  I've never bought into the left's narrative that unless we move away from vehicles that use gas the climate will change to such a degree that there will be mass migrations, sea levels will rise and flood New York, or any of the other doomsday predictions.  All or some of this may happen over time, but it will not be because of so-called fossil fuels.  It will be part of a natural sun cycle, or some other natural event.  A second ice age is just as likely from some event like an eruption at the Yellowstone super volcano.  The Mt. Pinatubo eruption in the Phillipines in 1991 mainlined 15-30 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the the upper atmosphere, creating an unprecedented hole in the ozone over Antarctica, and which lowered global temperatures by over .5 degrees centigrade in 1992 and 1993. The media hysteria over the ozone hole led to stories about how skin cancer for was going to be epidemic. Then, in 1994 the ozone hole had shrunk to such a size that scientists had trouble finding it.  Crisis over. Never mind.  The idea the CO2 from automobiles is going to have any significant effect is pure sophistry. First off, CO2 is not a pollutant.  It is a gas essential to life.  We exhale it.  Plants feed off of it.  Frankly, an increase in the level of CO2 might be a good thing.  It would be conducive to growing more crops for an increasing global population.
The point is that nature is much more powerful than anything that we can ever possibly conceive.  The earthquake and tsunami in Japan is a reminder of that.It also has incredible self-healing abilities.  The Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster was supposed to creat environmental havoc for decades, yet after just a few years the effects were virtually non-existent.  Even in the event of a nuclear holocaust the earth would eventually heal itself.
The study showing that this "green" technology is producing more of these so-called greenhouse gasses than their petroleum-based counterparts is both amusing, and further proof that the global warming/climate change movement is nothing more than a scam to redistribute wealth.

Electric cars may not be so green after all, says British study

An electric car owner would have to drive at least 129,000km before producing a net saving in CO2. Many electric cars will not travel that far in their lifetime because they typically have a range of less than 145km on a single charge and are unsuitable for long trips. Even those driven 160,000km would save only about a tonne of CO2 over their lifetimes.

The British study, which is the first analysis of the full lifetime emissions of electric cars covering manufacturing, driving and disposal, undermines the case for tackling climate change by the rapid introduction of electric cars.
READ MORE HERE--->  http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/health-science/electric-cars-may-not-be-so-green-after-all-says-british-study/story-e6frg8y6-1226073103576

Obama: "If I Don't Fix (Economy) In 3 Yrs....One-Term Proposition"

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Words Mean Things:  What Obama Said In January 2009

Three years ago President Obam sat down with Matt Lauer and discussed a range of topics, including the economy and Gitmo.  The interview was held 10 days into his presidency, during which he make some of the following claims/promises"

  • Regarding the "recovery package", that there is "transparency and accountablility" and the "an independent board looks at these programs before the money goes out the door".
    • False - In fact there was very little transparency, and we don't know, even now, where the money really went, other than to union slush funds and the auto bailout.
  • "we're not going to be spending $4 trillion".
    • True and False - We've spent over $5 Trillion dollars since Obama took office.
  • On closing Gitmo - "It's the right thing to do.  Ultimately it will make us safer"
    • Promise Broken - Gitmo is still open.
  • "If I don't have this done (turn the economy around) in 3 years, then there 's going to be a one-term proposition".
    • After nearly 3 years - 9.1% unemployment, housing market in a double-dip recession, the Fed looking at a QE3.  Accountability

Toward the end of the interview, Matt Lauer, ever the consumate tough-as-nails journalist, asks the toughest question of the night...about a peanut butter recall.  Obama assures Lauer that a thorough review of the FDA will happen,  and that "at bare minimum we should be able to count on our government keeping our kids safe when they eat peanut butter". Whew! I feel better knowing the Obama was at the helm during the 'Great 2008 Peanut Butter Recall'.

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How Obama Became President Of The United States

Posted by Brian

Laugh or Cry?
h/t to The Blaze

The Media Research Center conducts a Leno-like man-on-the-street interviews in Washington D.C. to ask some basic civics questions (Who is the Vice President?) with embarrassing results. Sadly, a number of these folks cancel out the votes of the informed voters.
Wouldn't it be nice if a person had to pass a basic civics test before they could vote?  If nothing else, we could be reasonably sure that the person voting has at least a concept of how our government works, and maybe even understands the people and issues they are voting for or against.

Watch the video:

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"Green" Mandates Costing Families $320 Annually

Posted by Brian
How do you drive a stake through the heart of an economy already struggling to bounce back from a global recession? Double down on inefficient, job-killing green technologies. While President Obama is destroying the coal and oil industries in the U.S., a former British Chancellor is sounding the warning to the British government that wind-farms and mandates on reducing carbon emissions will severely cripple their economy.
Hopefully, the blowback against the enviro-marxists has begun, and will migrate across the pond.

Beautiful vista mucked up by a bird-killing wind farm
 It's time this Government grew up over climate change, says Nigel Lawson
By Political Reporter

Last updated at 4:07 AM on 11th June 2011

The Coalition’s obsession with climate change is damaging Britain’s recovery from recession, former Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson warns today.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Lord Lawson delivers a scathing assessment of David Cameron’s so-called ‘green agenda’ and says it is ‘time this Government grew up’.

Lord Lawson, one of the most respected Tory figures of recent decades, accuses the Prime Minister of risking Britain’s economy to make a ‘symbolic’ point.

In a devastating verdict he writes: ‘The Government’s highly damaging decarbonisation policy, enshrined in the absurd Climate Change Act, does not have a leg to stand on. It is intended, at massive cost, to be symbolic: To make good David Cameron’s ambition to make his administration “the greenest government ever”.

‘My dictionary defines green as “unripe, immature, undeveloped”.’

His comments came after former Civil Service chief Lord Turnbull accused ministers and officials of pandering to global warming ‘alarmists’ and piling huge, unnecessary costs on ordinary families.

READ MORE HERE--->   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2002333/Nigel-Lawson-says-Coalitions-absurd-energy-policy-damaging-industry-adding-hundreds-pounds-familys-fuel-bills.html#ixzz1OyxaZ7Vd

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Study: Poverty breeds Jihadis Is BS

Posted by Brian
h/t to Infidels Are Cool
For the last 10-11 years, apologists for radical islamism have been spewing a number of lies about the causes of radical Islam.  The causes have ranged from anger at U.S. retaliation for 9/11 to rampant poverty in many Middle Eastern countries.  For "enlightened" liberals the notion that these behaviors could be caused by a violent interpretation of the Muslim religion itself is considered "Islamophobic".
A recent study, however, debunks the notion that poverty is a root cause for Islamism.   In fact, those in poverty are less likely to sympathize with radical Islam, and in fact are more likely to be victims of this ideology.

That this is a surprise to anyone is actually more shocking to me, as a number of our home-grown Islamists are from backgrounds that are anything but poor.  Adam Gadahn (born Adam Pearlman), an American who is now an al Qaeda operative comes from a middle to upper middle class background. John Walker, the American Taliban also comers from an upper middle class background.  Bin Laden was a millionaire. As you go down the list of the 9/11 hijackers, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, you find doctors, lawyers, architects, and other highly educated and well-off individuals.  Not the template that those in the media liberals portray, who is some poor bastard living in squallor in some third-world hell-hole.

Duh: Poverty does not create jihadis. Islam does

by Kal El on June 8, 2011

I think I have been saying this since I lived in Qatar in 2003. Now the imbeciles in the media pull their heads from their asses and see what time it is. Maybe it’s time to stop pissing away billions of dollars in aid to countries that hate us anyway, and use those funds to fix some of our own problems.
Poverty does not breed extremism in Pakistan, study finds

Spending millions of pounds on development in Pakistan will do nothing to keep young men out of the clutches of the Taliban, according to an extensive survey of Pakistani attitudes towards extremism which will deepen the row over Britain’s aid budget.
READ MORE HERE--->   http://infidelsarecool.com/2011/06/duh-poverty-does-not-create-jihadis-islam-does/


The Pelosi Shuffle

Posted by Brian
America's Own Would-Be Eva Peron

Bob Schieffer grilled Nancy Pelosi on the economy and what, if any, plans the Democrats are proposing to right the fiscal ship.  In classic Pelosi gibberish, she responded to Mr. Schieffer questions about the Democrat's  legislative absenteeism with partisan non-answers, completely devoid of even an inkling of honesty, or of embarrassment.  Even someone who doesn't follow politics could read through her rehearsed facial twitches and stuttering. 
Getting visibly irritated with here rope-a-dope, Schieffer continued to press the oblivious Pelosi, asking why it wasn't fair for the GOP to bring up the failure of the President's policies, when Queen Pelosi and the Democrats hammered George Bush on sub-5% unemployment, $3/gal gas.  And let's not forget how they actively attempted to undermine the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, which I believe was near seditious in nature. But I digress.  With her perpetual wide-eyed, doing her best over-the hill Betty Boop, she didn't even blink (which may be botox related) as she explained that that was the past, and we need to focus on the future. Hypocrite anyone?

If video does not show, Click here
So after a Nancy Pelosi-led Congress which racked up nearly $6T in deficits in 4 years, she now wants to vote "present"?  She is arguably the most effective Speaker of the House in history.  She rammed more spending and legisislation, that the American people didn't want, through Congress in 4 years than every other Speaker before her combined. She is the United States Eva Peron. You would think that she would want to take credit for all of her accomplishments.  She is arguably the dumbest person to ever hold that position, yet she perfected a scorched-earth brand of leadership, sacrificing even those in her own party, to push through the most radical leftist agenda this nation has ever seen.  Her rule was so complete that even those in state-level politics were not untouched by her brash leadership.  In addition to the 60 seats gained by the GOP in the House, they flipped 14 state legislatures to GOP control, with 25 unified senates and assemblies, and picked up over 500 state legislative seats.  Quite the accomplishment for any Speaker, let alone for one who has a speech impediment as pronounced as hers.
Nancy, don't run away from your accomplishments.  America deserves to have you reminding us of what progressives really look like.

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Dept. Of Education - Going Rambo

Posted by Brian
h/t to Mark Levin

The story of a federal SWAT team descending on a home in Stockton, CA is causing people to ask the question: "What in the hell is the Department of Education doing with their own SWAT team?"  For that matter, how many other departments in the U.S. government have their own law enforcement arms? Has Congress specifically authorized these autonomous law enforcement teams, or is monies designated to the Department being diverted into these off-shoots?
I, for one would like to see somebody, anybody, in Congress open up a public investigation into finding out how many Departments have their own law enforcement, and why they exist.  Why do they need them?  Why are existing law enforcement agencies (FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Homeland Security, TSA, state and local agencies) not enough.  Who controls these, apparently, secret law enforcement agencies?
The American people deserve to know about this group, and if there are any others out there.

Posted at 3:07 PM ET, 03/11/2010

Education Department buying 27 shotguns
By Valerie Strauss

Why is the Education Department purchasing 27 Remington Brand Model 870 police 12-gauge shotguns (all new, no re-manufactured products, thank you)?

The guns are to replace old firearms used by Education’s Office of Inspector General, which is the law enforcement arm of the department.
READ MORE HERE--->  http://marklevinshow.com/goout.asp?u=http://voices.washingtonpost.com/answer-sheet/education-secretary-duncan/ed-department-buying-27-shotgu.html

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Napolitano: Concentrating Terrorists Screening Efforts on Muslim Men Under 35 Not Good Logic

The questioner has forgotten a major piece of information in this exchange. Common sense in this Administration is non-existent. This is the same Janet Napolitano who has repeatedly told the American people that our Southern border has never been more secure, and who said with a straight face that security measures "worked" when passengers subdued a Nigerian man attempting to blow up an airliner over Detroit.
Napolitano, like the President and others in this Administration, is arrogant and dismissive of others, as her answer and her body language show. Typical of this bunch.

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Finally! A Campaign Promise That Obama Has Kept

Posted by Brian
Obama is finally keeping a promise that he made on the campign trail in 2008.  The Obama EPA is causing electricity rates to skyrocket with new regulations on the coal industry.
Here is what he said:

For those of you who voted for him expecting free gas and that he would pay your mortgage with all that "Obama money", here is your hope and change..

Coal Regs Would Kill Jobs, Boost Energy Bills

By Paul Bedard
Posted: June 8, 2011

Two new EPA pollution regulations will slam the coal industry so hard that hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost, and electric rates will skyrocket 11 percent to over 23 percent, according to a new study based on government data.

Overall, the rules aimed at making the air cleaner could cost the coal-fired power plant industry $180 billion, warns a trade group.
READ MORE HERE--->  http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/06/08/coal-regs-would-kill-jobs-boost-energy-bills

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Thug Government: Have You Heard Of Obama's Little Covert War In Yemen?

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President Obama, whom, along with nearly every other Democrat in both the House and the Senate, railed against President Bush for entering into a war with Iraq, has now committed military resources in two more countries. The first obviously, is Libya. Now, the New York Times is reporting that the U.S. is using drones in Yemen to conduct air strikes.
How about the cost of these wars? Wasn't that one of the battle cries of the left during the Bush year? How about getting Congressional approval?  Funny, I don't recall any announcement from this Administration about committing any assets for military actions in Yemen.  I do remember the leftists, both in and out of Congress, repeating the mantra that Bush didn't "declare war", even though he had gotten Congressional approval and funding prior to operations beginning.  Yet we don't hear a word from the leftists about Obama not declaring war either in Libya, or in Yemen. 
The Obama Administration is acting completely rogue.  Congress should cut off any funding to military actions which are not directly related to either Afghanistan or Iraq.  His promise of limited action (days or weeks) is now running into months.  He has not even talked to the American public about Yemen.  No plan. No justification. Nothing.  John F. Kennedy had a little covert military action at one time, which mushroomed into the Vietnam War.  Obama now has a ill-defined war in Libya, and some kind of covert war going on in Yemen?  For what.  We the American people want to know.
This is the same Obama who railed against President Bush for 6 years, attacking the Bush policies with speeches like this one that he read off his teleprompter in 2002 to a bunch of anti-war socialists in Chicago:

That’s what I’m opposed to. A dumb war. A rash war. A war based not on reason but on passion, not on principle but on politics.

Now let me be clear – I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. He has repeatedly defied UN resolutions, thwarted UN inspection teams, developed chemical and biological weapons, and coveted nuclear capacity.
He’s a bad guy. The world, and the Iraqi people, would be better off without him.
But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors, that the Iraqi economy is in shambles...

And in the same speech:
I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the middle east, and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of Al Qaeda.

Mr. Obama, where is your clear rationale?  Where is the imminent and direct threat to the United States? And, when did you plan on telling the American people?

U.S. Is Intensifying a Secret Campaign of Yemen Airstrikes

Published: June 8, 2011

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has intensified the American covert war in Yemen, exploiting a growing power vacuum in the country to strike at militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets, according to American officials.
READ MORE HERE--->  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/09/world/middleeast/09intel.html?_r=1&hp

The Weiner Has Landed!

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Released Photo Deflates Weiner
When you act like an elitist, treat people with disdain, and are an all-around jerk, the likelihood that people will refrain from releasing embarrassing stuff about you is about slim-to-none.  For the dispicable Congressman Anthony Weiner, none just came in, courtesy of Andrew Breitbart, whom Weiner and the left was smearing over the previous week and a half.  Looks like Breitbart gets the last laugh.

Gawker has posted the photo of the Weiner's weiner.  Andrew Breitbart went on a shock jock program this morning and showed it to the hosts, which has since been obtained by Gawker.
To gawk at Representative Anthony Weiner's shortcoming, click here.

Oh, how low the mighty, arrogant, condescending Weiner has sunk.
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The New Obama Police State: Stalinist Tactics Used By Feds To Collect Student Loans?

Posted by Brian
h/t to The Blaze

Have you always thought that officers dressed in military-style gear busting through doors and dragging people out into the street in their underwear was something that you saw in the movies, or in black and white newsreel showing Soviet or Nazi soldiers rounding up dissidents?

Kenneth Wright of Stockton CA was probably wondering if he had woken up in the middle of a 'Twilight Zone' episode, the one where a racist Vic Morrow walks out of a bar and steps out into 1930's Nazi Germany, and is identified as Jewish.  Except that he is in 2011, in the United States, is black, and his wife owes on a Federal student loan.  For this, a S.W.A.T team shows up, busts down his door, drags him out in his underwear, terrorizes his three children, and holds him in the back of a police cruiser for six hours.  In the end, they released him, as his estranged wife no longer even lives at the address.  Oh, and they "fixed" his door by screwing a piece of plywood over the hole.

Folks, this is scary stuff.  Yes his wife should pay off her loan. But to send a S.W.A.T. team at six in the morning!?  A bigger question is this - Is this going to be the norm for federal law enforcement?  I mean, where was the imminent threat to these officers that a paramilitary action was called for?  What kind of treatment would the wife have been subjected to had she been home?  Look at how Mr. Wright was treated, and he wasn't even the "target".

Who was it that issued the search warrant and called in S.W.A.T.?  The Department of Education.  Is this how the DOE is going to proceed in the future in collecting delinquent loans.

At the end of this video Mr. Wright tells  everybody to make sure they pay their bills or this could happen to them.  The tactic by the jackboots appears to have worked.

Maybe the feds ought to change the title of the department to the Department of Re-education.


Rise Of Anti-Semitism Starts In Home Of "Tolerance" - Liberal Bastion San Francisco

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h/t to The Blaze and Pajamas's Media

Proof That Movement To Ban Circumsision Is Rooted In Anti-Semitism

San Francisco, which has been one of the bastions of liberal thought since the 1960's, is not looking very tolerant these days.  At least where freedom of religion is concerned.  The group promoting a ban on circumsision claims that the measure is a 'human rights' issue. However, the comic book material being produced and distributed to push the measure has a very dark side to it.  The mohel, who performs the religious rite of circumsision is portrayed as sinister and is referred to as "Monster Mohel".  The hero, "Foreskin Man", is a large, muscular man with blond locks - very Aryan looking.  Imagery befitting of 1930's Nazi Germany.
The man behind the movement, Matthew Hess says that the movement is about 'human rights', and that they are not trying to be anti-semitic.  Oh, well I feel better now.  They aren't trying to be anti-semitic.  It just appears that way. Jews are just 'hiding' behind thousands of years of religious superstition and 'junk science'. Which would be why "Monster Mohel" is able to escape justice by "waving his religious veil".  My bad.
Judge for yourself if their portrayals are just incidentally anti-semitic:

And God said to Abraham, "As for you, you shall keep my covenant, you and your offspring after you throughout their generations. This is my covenant, which you shall keep, between me and you and your offspring after you: Every male among you shall be circumcised. You shall be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskins, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and you. He who is eight days old among you shall be circumcised. Every male throughout your generations, whether born in your house or bought with your money from any foreigner who is not of your offspring, both he who is born in your house and he who is bought with your money, shall surely be circumcised. So shall my covenant be in your flesh an everlasting covenant. Any uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant." (Genesis 17:9-14)
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