FREEDOM OF SPEECH? MA Man Arrested After He Questions School District On Sexual Content Of School Book

Gilford, Ma:  Freedom of speech in The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts is apparently afforded only to those in government, or those who agree to tow the party line.

This is absolutely ridiculous.  Everyone in that room should have been enraged that this man was arrested.  Instead, they all sat like sheep as he was led out of the room by the wrist, like he was a naughty child.  Which is how a good totalitarian government likes you to behave.

I am curious as to why the police officer felt the need to ask him to leave in the first place.  He was not rude.  He was not inciting a riot. He was not even loud.  He was frustrated.  For this he was asked to leave the meeting?

Is this how we are all supposed to behave when we have grievances against the government, be it Congress, the President, or, even a school board or district? The school board sits up at the front like a bunch of politburo members, pretending to hear or grievances, talking in calm, measured voices, explaining to we poor unenlightened hoi poloi how they are going to raise our children in the ways of The State.  We must sit there meekly under the watchful eye of law enforcement, like a bunch of programmed Stepford wives, with no real voice.

Our rights are under assault, and like the people in this meeting, most people are simply sitting there, mouths shut, eyes averted, too intimidated to speak up.

Raw video: Man arrested at Gilford school board meeting - WMUR-TV

Posted by Brian
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