Woman Arrested While Refusing Smart Meter

Posted by Tom

Is this what "Freedom" has come down to?...... 

The woman in this picture, along with numerous others, has been arrested for not allowing the utility company access to their property.  The power company wants to install an electric smart meter at every home within their service area.  These so called Smart Meters use radio frequencies to transmit usage data back to the power company.

Residents believe these meters pose a danger to their health because of the radio frequencies involved.  This technology also has the potential to be exploited by others who would be able to monitor power consumption, in graph form, and thereby enable them to ascertain when the house is vacant, occupied, etc.  They believe that poses an additional threat to their safety and security.

Wouldn't it simply make sense to charge an extra fee to have someone read their meter in lieu of the smart meter?  Wouldn't that meet everyone's needs in this case, rather than lock up people who feel unsafe? 

Guess where all of this is taking place?  The Peoples Republic of Naperville, Ill.  Home State of our Dictator in Chief.

The first Officer in this video appears to be very reasonable and even compassionate.

The Second Officer tells the woman taking the video that she's not been "given permission" to record him -even though there are numerous court rulings that establish it is your legal right to record any happening that takes place within view of the public, where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Conduct like this by Government only damages the faith of it's Citizens

Here's another Story from Ohio. This woman has a Pacemaker. She was told by a representative that the Meter was as "Safe as a Microwave" something she can't have in her home. Here's the Video and following it, you can read the full story on TheBlaze.


  1. These Naperville cops should be cleaning up the drugs and Heroin. They're either taking pay-offs from drug dealers, lazy to do some constructive police work, or afraid. That's a real important piece of police work to arrest a woman for refusing a smart meter (pun intended) seams Ill. is a soviet police state with stazi type cops. You jerk cops should be ashamed but your brains are rotted from steroid abuse.

  2. Naperville,Ill hires trash for Police Officers. Look at this dirty thug.

  3. Police are nothing more than "Clerks" for the Corporation. It's not: We Protect We Serve. It's really: We Harass We Extort.

  4. This is what happens with a dictorial state. The real sad thing is the officers are blindly following unlawful orders. As she said the case wasnt decided on yet and yet the woman is forced to allow them on her property and farced to have this donw to her property.