Pig Kathy Griffin "Goes Down" On Anderson Cooper on Live TV

Posted by Brian
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I'm no prude, but I have the common sense and decency to know when and where to censor myself.  Kathy Griffin has no such filter on her behavior, or her mouth.  That the culture has taken a turn for the worse over the last several decades is obvious to most people.  Things you wouldn't dare say or do in public, are now on primetime television. Where the Cosby show taught great life lessons back in the '80's, and was hilarious, many shows today attempt to push the boundaries of low-brow sexual humor, filthy language, and graphic violence.
Kathy Griffin is part of the debasement of the culture, relying on vagina jokes, overt sexual references in her brand of "humor".
On New Years Eve, Griffin took it to another level, telling CNN's Anderson Cooper she want to "tickle your sack",  kneeling down to kiss Cooper's crotch, and saying she was "going down".  Even though this was on late at night, New Year's Eve is a night when many parents allow the children to stay up for the countdown and watch the  ball drop in Times Square.  That Kathy Griffin thinks this was somehow funny, or appropriate, gives a hint as to the depraved mind of this Z-list piece of crap.
CNN should terminate her contract immediately.  She has shown she doesn't have the responsibility, or the common sense, to anchor or co-host any show at any time.

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