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Tyler Barge is an Army Veteran, served five years as an Infantryman with the National Guard, and also served a 9 Month deployment to Uruzgan province in southern Afghanistan.

When asked about this flag, Tyler said, “I had the privilege of coming home and they didn’t. I try to do what I can to keep their memory alive.”  Tyler further went on to say, "Being a veteran and growing up with good patriotic parents, I’ve always had a flag out."

Tyler received a notice from The Riverwalk Apartments in Salem, Virginia, "We need your help to keep our community one of the best in Salem! We need for you to remove the following items from your patio..”

Here's a direct quote from the Riverwalk Management page:
"Management Personnel
Our approach to management is not about control and position, but about the right attitude and a positive outlook. We believe if we treat our residents like we would want to be treated, they will return the favor- and isn’t that what anyone would want from their community? While they have a great depth of experience, our management specializes in building relationships with those around them. So come on in. We can’t wait to start building with you."

Is this really the "right attitude?"  Is this what our Country has come to, a place where a Combat Veteran can't put up a small American Flag to honor his fallen Brothers?   If an American Flag detracts from any Community, it's sure not one I would want to be a part of!

I placed a call Tristan Byrely, the Manager of The Riverwalk Apartments, but found him unavailable.  I would urge other Americans to share their feelings with him as well.  You may reach the Riverwalk Apartments at:  xxxxxxxxx. 

After all the attention they've received, it now appears the Riverwalk Apartments has decided to "do the right thing" and allow Tyler to keep his flag!  Thanks to all those who made phone calls!

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