Michael Moore: "Stop Saying 'I Support the Troops'. I Don't"

Posted by Brian

More idiocy from Michael Moore, one of the most despicable propagandists Hollywood  (and Michigan) has ever produced.  It's too bad your New Year's Resolutions didn't include 'Move to Cuba or Venezuela', or some other socialist utopia, you pathetic piece of dog excrement.  We understand if you don't choose N. Korea as a destination. They don't produce enough food to satisfy your gastronomical epicurean appetite.

Michael Moore’s New Year’s Resolution: "Stop Saying, 'I Support the Troops.' I Don't"
By Noel Sheppard | January 01, 2013 | 13:40

Schlockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore has some peculiar New Year’s resolutions that he published at the Huffington Post Monday evening.

At number four was “Stop saying, ‘I support the troops.’ I don't. I used to.”
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