Are we being told the truth about Sandy Hook?

Posted by Tom

 On April 4, 2009, three Pittsburgh Police Officers were killed.  Here is a portion of the story printed by the New York Daily News, amongst many other media outlets:

"Richard Poplawski, 23, met officers at the doorway and shot two of them in the head immediately, Harper said. An officer who tried to help the two also was killed.  Poplawski, armed with an assault rifle and two other guns, then held police at bay for four hours as the fallen officers were left bleeding nearby, their colleagues unable to reach them, according to police and witnesses. More than 100 rounds were fired by the elite police teams and Poplawski, Harper said."

This horrific crime was perpetrated against some very brave Officers who were doing nothing more than coming to the aid of those hey had sworn to protect and serve.  Sadly, several of these fine Officers left behind small children.  The Community did an incredible job coming together to support their families and honor their sacrifice.  This was an almost incomprehensible loss to the the City of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Police and most of all, the loved ones they left behind.

Within a few days of this horrific event, I received a phone call from a personal friend who works within local law enforcement.  He explained to me that these three Officers were killed at close range with a SHOTGUN, not the "assault rifle" that the media continued to repeat hour after hour, day after day.
I decided to look into this further and began asking questions.  After a period of time, I was able to locate both of the Federally Licensed Dealers who sold the guns used by the shooter.  The owners of both stores reported to me that Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms had confirmed that the actual murder weapon was the shotgun and NOT the assault rifle that was reported to have been present on the scene.  To this day even some members of law enforcement, and the vast majority of the public believe they were killed with an "assault weapon."  This is blatantly false.

Let's fast forward to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary......

Within hours of this tragedy, LT Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police stated that two handguns were found at the crime scene, in the school near the shooter, and that an AR-15 rifle was found in the trunk of a car believed to have been driven to the scene by the shooter, Adam Lanza.  This briefing by LT Vance was given in the early afternoon of December 14, 2012 and I heard it with my own ears.  I have been unable to find a video clip of this live interview anywhere on the internet, for whatever reason.  Later, multiple media sources also reported that that the AR15 was found in the trunk of the car and was reportedly verified by multiple sources.

Here is a video that asks many questions.  I think it's important to note that during a rapidly developing situation like this, the "fog of war" is often responsible for a lot of  misinformation, etc., and not intentional misrepresentation.  This is a very well known phenomena.


In the big picture, what I have learned is this.  The media as a whole is driven not only by their desire to increase viewership, but to further the personal agendas of those who typically lean to the far left of the political center.   Sensationalizing stories and reporting unconfirmed information increases viewership, which translates directly to increased revenue through advertising.  What is reported has little to do with FACT, A LOT to do with conjecture, making money and for some, hood winking the American people into thinking their Kool-Aid is not only good, but safe to drink..

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