U.S. Faces Growing Terror Threat from ‘Indigenous Muslims,’ Experts Find

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Adam Yahiye Gadahn
U.S. Faces Growing Terror Threat from ‘Indigenous Muslims,’ Experts Find (CNSNews.com) – The United States faces a growing threat from terrorists drawn from “immigrant and indigenous Muslims as well as converts to Islam,” a new report finds. These new sources of radical Islamic terrorism defy attempts at profiling because they come from all walks of American life.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
By Matt Cover

Just as those who would see every Muslim as a terrorist or Jihadist is playing right into the radical Islamists hands, by giving those who do hate us and those in the media, an opportunity to label all of us as intolerant or Islamophobes, we should not be blind to the fact that there are some who do wish to do harm. Placing your views on the side of "all Muslims just want to live in peace and practice their religion" is just as dangerous - and naive. Take time to learn something about Islam. A good place to start is the website "An Inquiry in to Islam". There are many good articles and answers to questions regarding the religion, as well as the political component of Islam.
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