Colbert stays in character at congressional hearing

Stephen Colbert effectively makes a mockery of Congress while giving testimony to The House Judiciary Committee. Make no mistake: Congress deserves to be mocked. They quit listening to the American people years ago. But this, though at times humorous, is not just a slap in the face to the members of Congress, it is disrespectful to the Institution. The fact that this was even approved, and allowed to go on, speaks volumes of how this Congress not only view the voters, which is with such contempt that they don't even consider we voters would be insulted by this waste of taxpayer money. It also indicates how they view themselves: as Ivory Tower elites collecting a paycheck, unencumbered by any sense of shame or guilt at a farce, as this was. An ironic moment in the testimony is when the camera goes to Sheila Jackson Lee, who aside from making outrageous comments on camera, and may be best known for talking on her cell phone during a town hall meeting while a constituent is addressing her, is caught texting on her cell phone in the committee meeting. That picture pretty much summed up the entire thing for me. A waste of time. A waste of our taxpayer dollars.

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