Survey: Cost of Health Insurance Claims to Rise

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After all the "debate" and wringing of hands by Democrats and liberals to pass health care "reform", and the promises to make health care affordable, it seems that your health care costs are going Up! Up! Up! (Read Article here.) This must be when Nancy Pelosi stood before the country and told us, "But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."  Well the fog is lifting and the American people are finding that they were presented with a big steaming pile of excrement. Of course, the American people, or at least 2/3 of them, knew what would happen. But the Democrats and this President , with the help of the mainstream media, shoved it down our throats anyway. More is sure to come out in the months and years ahead, unless Conservatices can repeal the bill after 2012.  30 Million more added to the Medicaid rolls is going to covered by taking that money from the Medicare system - sorry elderly, but you're getting screwed.  Less benefits and higher costs. Just remember, there are no death panels. At least, they won't actually call them that.  It's just that you wont be able to have certain sevices, medicines, and procedures.
There will not be enough of a Congressional turnover in 2010 to make repeal filibuster-proof, so we are stuck until at least 2012 with this monstrosity. It is imperative that we do get conservatives into office. Not Republicans: Conservatives.  The Lindsey Graham's, Susan Collins', Olympia Snowe's, John McCain's and other establishment Republicans, the RINO's, need to be defeated in their primaries with principled conservative candidates.  From 2000- 2006 we had the numbers, as far as Republicans members, but there were too many like those mentioned above, who are not principled conservative, but were, and are more worried about holding onto their power and popularity. It is time for the conservatives in this country toclean out the GOP and give the Republican party a much needed electoral enema, this election and the next.
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