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The "Home of the Free" and "Land of the Brave" is rapidly becoming the "Home of the Controlled" and "Land of the Intimidated".  The fundamental right of Americans to share their feelings in protest, specifically regarding those who need to hear their message the most, may now become a FELONY!

The Second Amendment has been under attack for some time and now it's the First Amendment!

Let's take a look at H.R. 347, the "Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011," perhaps a better label would be the "First Amendment Eradication Act"  Incidentally, only three members of the House Of Representatives voted against this, among these were Justin Amash and Ron Paul.

H.R. 347 Explained:
The law is allowed to be used against anyone who knowingly enters or remains in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority to do so, but those grounds are considered any area where someone — rather it’s President Obama, Senator Santorum or Governor Romney — will be temporarily visiting, whether or not the public is even made aware of their presence. Entering such a facility is thus outlawed, as is disrupting the orderly conduct of “official functions,” engaging in disorderly conduct “within such proximity to” the event or acting violent to anyone, anywhere near the premises. Under that verbiage, that means a peaceful protest outside a candidate’s concession speech would be a federal offense, but those occurrences covered as special event of national significance don’t just stop there, either. And neither does the list of covered persons that receive protection!....

With Secret Service protection awarded to visiting dignitaries, this also means, for instance, that the federal government could consider a demonstration against any foreign president on American soil as a violation of federal law, as long as it could be considered disruptive to whatever function is occurring.

In short, they can assign Secret Service protection to anyone they like, without your knowledge, and simply by being in the proximity to these persons can make you a FELON if you're peacefully protesting on any given subject or in ANY area they may choose to be in.

Free Speech is undisputably essential to preserving a democracy and in fact ensures the free exchange of ideas that recognizes Human Rights under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Let's look at how Chicago handles some basic Freedoms:

Christopher Drew thought he was exercising his First Amendment when he recorded an altercation with cops in 2009, but for the Chicago, Illinois artist, he couldn’t be further from the truth. He was approached by an officer with the Chicago Police Department three years ago and questioned about the artwork he was selling on the city’s State Street. When law enforcement realized that they were being recorded, Drew was dished felony charges under the eavesdropping law and ended up spending a few days in jail. Drew asked an Illinois judge to dismiss the hefty felony charge, but the court rejected his plea. Later this year his case is expected to go to trial, and if found guilty, Drew could serve 15 years in prison.
“In a democracy you are suppose to oversee your public servants. If they’re doing wrong you’re suppose to bring it to the attention of other citizens and to the court,” Drew explained to RT. “They have no privacy right, they are in public and they are on the public dime and doing public duty. That means that we’re their employer. We have a right to record our employees and bring that evidence to the system that they are doing wrong.”

Michael Allison has become a victim of the police state’s bizarre law, too. He was at his mom’s house in Illinois when cops showed up and questions the automobiles he had parked on the property. When Allison began recording his conversation with the cops, he was cuffed and charged with violating the eavesdropping law. Those charges included five counts of eavesdropping, each with a maximum of 15 years in prison.

For videotaping his own conversation with a cop on his family property, Allison could have served the rest of his life behind bars.

Never forget this.  The 2nd Amendment UNDERPINS and ENSURES ALL OTHER CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!  You think it's outdated?  You better look around and think again!  Your liberties are being taken from you as we speak!

Let's take a look and see how MAYOR BLOOMBERG responds to a Journalist asking questions.  Dare you ask questions of the political elite or the Police will be used to intimidate you.....The Major who says we don't need guns sure thinks he needs and is entitled to MANY!

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