Obama Will Miss Budget Deadline Again! 4th Time in 5 Years

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Damn! This math stuff is hard!
Obama continues to thumb his nose at the law and the Constitution.
For the forth time in five years, Obama will fail to meet the deadline required by law for President's to submit a budget to Congress.  Not that it will make much of a difference this time around.  Every budget that has been submitted to Congress by Obama has failed to garner a single vote in the Senate.
Is it not logical to deduce that Barack Obama, for all of his lofty rhetoric on balancing the budget, cutting spending, and getting our fiscal house in order, fails to take any responsibility when it comes to his vision of what he wants to see in a budget, let alone getting one submitted within the legal deadline.  Even his own Party is aware of the flippancy of his budgets.  For Christ's sake, he has an admitted socialist in the Senate who can't bring himself to vote for one of these.
It's apparent to me that Obama does this so as to have plausible deniability where spending increases and tax raises are concerned.  "I didn't ask for that", he can say.  I, I, I told them to work together and, and send me something I can sign, but, but the Republicans continue to stand in the way of progress, uh, holding the American people hostage with their, uh, stubbornness in refusing to work with the Democrat leaders".
This is calculated to create the next budget crisis, where we will once again see the Imperial President Obama, with the cover of the mainstream media, go back on the campaign trail to demonize the Republicans over their inability to "get the job done", when in fact, the job has been his all along.

White House tells Paul Ryan it won’t meet budget deadline
By Erik Wasson - 01/14/13 12:06 PM ET    

The White House has informed House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) that it will miss the legal deadline for sending a budget to Congress.

Acting Budget Director Jeff Zients told Ryan (R-Wis.) in a letter late Friday that the budget will not be delivered by Feb. 4, as required by law.

In the letter, Zients says the administration is "working diligently on our budget request." The letter blames the late passage of the “fiscal cliff” deal for the delay, saying that because tax and spending issues were not resolved until Jan. 2, "the administration was forced to delay some of its FY 2014 budget preparations, which in turn will delay the budget's submission to Congress."

"We will submit it to Congress as soon as possible," Zients writes.
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