Antisemitism & The Latest Performance of Roger Waters

I am frankly sick of these media stars, be they from Hollywood or the music industry, being trotted out to give "expert" testimony on whatever their cause celebre of the day happens to be.
Roger Waters, of the rock group Pink Floyd, went before the United Nation to give voice to a number of lies and antisemitic statements about Israel.
The elites and statists love to bring "star power" to their pet causes, be it Waters' spewing left wing anti-semitism, or Meryl Streep giving "expert testimony" before Congress on the danger of Alar on apples.  Because they're celebrities, and may even have played a doctor or scientist in a movie, we are expected to just accept them at the prejudicial words.
Waters even quoted from one of his songs from the Pink Floyd album  "The Final Cut" (which was a disappointment, and thankfully Waters' last work with Floyd) in his rambling diatribe.  Perhaps he should have picked a more apropos line: "We don't need no education..."

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