MSNBC's Bashir Makes S.E. Cupp's Point...and more

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Insufferably arrogant Martin Bashir
MSNBC's Martin Bashir is well known for his interviewing style.  He is the Fortney "Pete" Stark of journalism - pompous, elitist, dismissive, an overall snobbish pig, and loaded for bear with lies and half-truths. In other words, a perfect fit for MSNBC.

So it comes as no surprise that he tried to sandbag S. E. Cupp of MSNBC's "The Cycle" during the handoff between the two shows.  S.E. had just finished a piece pointing out that the left tries to "scare and confuse the public" regarding guns and ammunition, tossing out misused terms like "rapid-fire", "assault weapons", and my favorite, "high capacity ammunition", whatever that means.

She correctly pointed out that all of these loaded terms are meant to advance a political agenda, rather than debate the issues in an honest and thoughtful way.

Enter Bashir, who begins by asking Cupp "how many rounds did Jared Loughner fire off before he was tackled"? This is, of course, a typical trick by liberals, to come out of left field with a question the vast majority of folks will not typically know, or even have at their fingertips.  It is the same thing reporters do to Presidential candidates, Republicans typically, asking them who the President of Guinea is.  When they are unable to answer, they are mocked, and we are told that this just proves how weak they are on foreign policy.

This was Bashir's motive.  He wanted to discredit S. E. Cupp, and thus her argument on guns, by showing that she really is not qualified to be speaking on such complicated matters.

What Bashir did not only made S. E. Cupp's point, of how people politicize and use false arguments to gin up fear, anger, and opposition to guns, but he did something else as well.  Bashir exposed a misogynistic side to him.  He attempts to show that Cupp is not only wrong because she is a conservative, but that she couldn't possibly know of these things because she is a woman.

Congratulation Martin Bashir!  You not only made S. E. Cupp's point for her about the politicization of the issue, but you unintentionally helped to further expose that the "War on Women" is firmly being waged from leftists and progressives like you.

Jan. 15, 2013 7:21pm Jason Howerton

As The Blaze TV’s S.E. Cupp was wrapping up Tuesday’s edition “The Cycle,” MSNBC host Martin Bashir couldn’t help but antagonize Cupp over gun control during the live “toss” into his show.

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