Joe Biden - Self Appointed Gun "Expert"

Posted by Tom

Joe Biden never fails to impress me.  He's now a now a self-appointed Gun and Self-Defense Expert.  He advises that people are better able to defend themselves with a double barreled shotgun than with an assault rifle.  Notice how he refers to people that are "untrained."  Wouldn't it be more appropriate and responsible to tell people to seek Professional Training if they are going to use a firearm for self-defense?  The spin and stupidity continue unchallenged!

Joe Biden's response defies logic.  The Department of Homeland Security is now seeking to acquire 7,000 additional AR-15 rifles, which they refer to as "personal defense weapons,” and 30 round magazines.  As you can see, when these rifles are in their hands, they're "Personal Defense Weapons," but when they're in the hands of civilians they become "assault weapons."  Perhaps the DHS should consider scrapping their request and instead arm themselves with Double Barreled Shotguns?

Recently, two RIT Students successfully used an AR15 to defend their home:

Here a 15 Year Old Boy, son of a Constable, used an AR15 to defend his younger sister:

Make no mistake, a shotgun is a very viable firearm to defend your family.  A Double Barrel shotgun is however a very poor choice by virtue of it's 2 round capacity.  A pump action or semi-automatic shotgun is far more capable, but is limited by range and firing rate when confronting multiples threats.  Shotguns are also far more difficult to use and control by those of smaller stature, including women, and those those with certain handicaps - the very people who are most vulnerable.

In Diane Feinsteins draconian gun control bill, POLITICIANS CAN STILL RETAIN THEIR "Personal Defense Weapons," but YOU CAN'T!"  Not unlike how their Children NEED armed guards, but yours need "Gun Free Zones."

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