EPA E-mail Release is a Middle Finger to Americans

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This is getting to be a joke.  Not "ha, ha" funny, but infuriating.  In yet another incident of "the most transparent Administration in history" giving Americans the middle finger, the EPA released 2100 e-mails sent by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson under a fictitious name.  Or did they?  The name is redacted on every one of the e-mails, so the question of whether these are the e-mails sent by Jackson is still in question.
Of course the mainstream media has virtually ignored the entire story of Jackson using the fake e-mail name, in violation of the law, being complicit in aiding the Obama Administration cover up every scandal from this lawless bunch. From Lisa Jackson's e-mail scandal at EPA, to Fast and Furious at Justice, to Benghazi, the press is uninterested or unconcerned that the Obama Administration stonewalls, hides, deflects, and flat-out ignores FOAI requests, Congressional subpoenas, and claims "Executive Privilege".  Worse, they actively participate in the cover-up, "reporting" White House talking points , or poo-pooing each scandal as much ado about nothing, accusing conservatives of racism, McCarthyism, or being beholden to Tea Party extremists.
Meanwhile, the Obama Administration marches on with its socialist agenda, pulling America further down into tyranny.

Release of EPA Administrator’s Non-Public Emails Called ‘Deeply Troubling’ 
By Elizabeth Harrington January 15, 2013      

(Update: CEI's Chris Horner tells CNSNews.com the next step is a meeting with Justice Department officials: "We will ask them to right EPA's ship, and if they do not agree, we will ask the court," he said. Horner says he wants a "straight answer" to a direct question: Did the EPA, as part of a FOIA request, search the "Richard Windsor" email accounts? Richard Windsor is the alias used by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, apparently to shield some official communications from public view.)

(CNSNews.com) – Complying with a court order minutes before Monday’s 5 p.m. deadline, the Environmental Protection Agency yesterday released 2,100 emails received or sent by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on one of her non-public accounts. But which one? The name on the email account was redacted.
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