Leftist Radio Host: "Outlaw Billionaires"

Who's Thom Hartmann and why does he hate my country?
Thom Hartmann
There is some radio host out there named Thom Hartmann who is promoting something called "The No Billionaires Campaign".
His diatribe is full of typical Marxist clap-trap.  His grand "plan" would  confiscate 100% of any wealth over $999,999,999.  As he says, there are just over 400 billionaires in the U.S. today.  Taking his "plan" a step farther, if we confiscated 100% of ALL of their wealth, which averages $4 Billion each, it would run the government for about 3 months at current spending levels.  And, you could only do it once!  The problem isn't that these people have too much wealth, it's that the government spends money like Ted Kennedy at a stripper bar, genius.
Another point made by this economic illiterate, is that billionaires are "sucking up more of the wealth that used to belong to the working class".  This statement comes from a point of view that wealth is static.  That is, that there is a finite amount of wealth, and that if you get too much, then someone else is getting screwed.  This is taken from the leftist illustration that wealth is like a pie, and there are only so many pieces to go around. But wealth is fluid.  Wealth is created.  There is much more wealth today than there was 100 years, or even 50 years ago.

Thom Hartmann "The No Billionaires Campaign"

He then drones on about the income inequality of today compared to right after World War 2.  He states that billionaires were few and far between because wealth was more evenly distributed.  This is crap.  The boom in wealth related to new technologies, and the computer and space age is responsible for greatest advances in history, and resulted in the greatest amount of wealth creation in the world. Yes, some people have become famously wealthy.  But it is not because they took it out of the mouth of some other poor sap.  It is because they were responsible for creating goods or services that BILLIONS of people  have benefitted from.  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are responsible for not only making people's lives better, and business more efficient, their companies provide jobs to thousands of people all over the world, and have made others rich as well.  Sam Walton and Wal-Mart, who this dimwit does the obligatory leftist slam on, has provided a service that makes clothing, electronics, and thousands of other products affordable to millions of people that otherwise would not be able to buy some of these things.
It never occurs ot this leftist that the plight of people in the lower income tiers are poor, not because of these rich people, but because of leftist government entitlement programs which give them a few alms in return for a lifetime of dependency and voting Democrat, all the while keeping them in a life of poverty.  Nor does he address the fact that government, through excessive regulation, codes, taxes, and miles of paperwork, make it extremely difficult for people to start new businesses or create new products.  Many people don't feel it is worth the red tape, or the armies of OSHA, IRS, Board of Equalization, or EPA goons and inspectors who will make your life a living hell, and who feel the need to change laws and codes, which you have to comply with or be fined, on an annual or bi-annual basis.
After watching this, you will fully understand why you may have never heard of this radio host.  In fact, even my rather minuscule readership will probably double the number of people who know of this guy.

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