Obama's America: 2015 Energy Prices 800% Higher

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Lost in the fog of the 2012 Presidential campaign is what the state of power is going to be in less than three years.

This is one campaign promise that Obama has definitely fulfilled.  In 2008, Obama stated "electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket" under his plan of cap and trade.  Unable to get Cap and Trade legislation through Congress, Obama has unleashed the EPA on the coal industry.
The result?  212 coal plants shut down by 2015, eliminating over hundreds of megawatts of electrical production.  Coal mines are being shut down all over the country.  Ohio, West Virginia, and the other coal-producing states are being hit especially hard. Tens of thousands of jobs are being eliminated in the coal industry, and supporting industries.  These coal mines, once abandoned, cannot be reopened due to deterioration of the mine.  The loss of this power production will also have a devastating effect on the manufacturing industry as a whole. You can't produce goods if there is no power.
A recent capacity auction saw 2015 power go for $167 per megawatt.  The price for 2012 was $36.  An 800% increase!
Obama is sacrificing the industrial might of the United States for his core belief of the inherent unfairness of America in the world.  What better way to "even the playing field" than removing our ability to compete economically on the world stage?  His solar and windmill energy policy is risking America's future on the belief that the sun will shine, and the wind will blow 24/7.
The damage that Obama is wreaking on this country is now such, that some of it will not be able to be undone, as with the coal mines. It has never been more important to defeat Obama in November than it is now if we are to turn around those things which we are able to, and minimize the future damage of his policies.
Are you listening Ohio?

Mine Succumbs To Obama's War On Coal, Ohio  
Higher Future Electricity Prices Expected
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