Libya: What Is The Obama Administration Hiding?

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Obama and Clinton Have Created Their Own Watergate
More than a month after attacks in Libya killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the Obama Administration has still not been able, or are unwilling, to be straight with the American people about what went wrong.
There have been cries of a cover up, of incompetence in the Obama Administration, and calls from Congress and the media for this Administration to come clean with the American people about what went wrong that day.
At this point, I don't see that it is going to be that easy.  The contradictions between different Administration spokesmen, including obvious attempts to duck and weave their way around questions, has left people with one conclusion: there is a cover up taking place.
This is reminiscent of the days of Nixon and the Watergate scandal.  Obviously, the events are completely different, but the manner in which the Obama Admnistration, like the Nixon Administration, has closed ranks in some feeble hope that this whole thing will blow over. But this will not blow over.  It has gotten way too big, and way too public for this to get swept under the rug.
Initial report in the news were that there was a demonstration outside the compound over an anti-Islam video on YouTube, and that some had gotten out of control and stormed the embassy (actually a villa), killing the Ambassador and three others.
We now know this to be completely false. We now know that there was no demonstration, nor did it have anything to do with a so-called video.  We now know that this was planned, and was a coordinated attack carried out by Al-qaeda islamists to coincide with the anniversary of the 9/11 WTC attacks.  We also know that there was intelligence warning of something like this being planned.  We also know that Ambassador Stevens had communicated that he had information he was  being targeted, and had requested increased security be delivered, which was denied.
There is a cover up, but not due to anything criminal that was done, like the Watergate break-in.  This is purely political. The cover up is to shield the Obama Administration, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from claims of incompetence.  It highlights their utter failure in foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East.  The whole "Arab Spring" thing was supposed to usher in a new dawn of cooperation between the Islamist world and the United States.  The were supposed to "love" us.  Yet we find, with deadly consequences, that they not only don't love us, or even like us.  They still hate us.  Worse, any modicum of respect that they once had has been completely squandered by a President and Secretary of State who bend over and grab their ankles before these maggots.
The Islamists may be savages, but they are not unintelligent,  They do understand strength.  In fact, they even respect it. What they don't respect are those whom they perceive as weak, either morally or militarily. They will never respect us morally, but the problem is, they don't respect or fear us militarily anymore either.
The cover up is this Administration's attempt to save their bacon, and that of Hillary Clinton, in the weeks leading up to the Presidential election.  For Hillary, it is about not appearing incompetent ass she keeps her dreams alive for a 2016 run.  Up to this point, the coverup is not criminal, but political.  However, as more and more persons from this administration are called to testify before Congress, and members of the Administration attempt to stick to the initial lie, criminal charges for perjury may come. It is already being told that the CIA is fed up, and is turning on the administration. They may be patriots, but you can bet you butt that they are not gonna fall on a sword for anybody - especially Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.
The damage being done to Obama has not, in my opinion, been fully felt.  Something like this, this close to the election, and which will continue right up to November 6th, may lead to the kind of landslide we haven't seen since 1980.
As for Hillary Clinton, this will probably torpedo whatever ambitions she had for the White House.  This was her 4AM phone call, and she not only blew it.  She cost the lives of four Americans.
I'm not sure that the Obama Administration could have put a big bow on this and turned it into a positive.  But what they have done with all of the lies is turned it into a big steaming mess, and made the Islamic world a much more dangerous place for the U.S. and the rest of the West.
Richard Nixon was not brought down by the Watergate break-in.  He was brought down by the lies and the cover up which followed.  It appears that either because of arrogance or incompetence, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton either didn't learn that lesson, or simply chose to ignore it.

'Within 24 Hours': When U.S. Intel in Libya Told Washington 9/11/12 Was Terror Attack
By Terence P. Jeffrey October 14, 2012

(CNSNews.com) - Sen. Lindsey Graham (R.-S.C.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on CBS's "Face the Nation" on Sunday that the U.S. intelligence community in Libya informed the administration in Washington, D.C., within 24 hours of the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya that the attack had been a terrorist strike whose perpetrators included militia associated with al Qaeda.
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