News Of The Insane: Italian Scientists Convicted For Failing To Predict Earthquake

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A defendant in the trial looks down dejectedly as the verdict is read.
A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits a small town in central Italy.  309 people are tragically killed. An act of God, right? Not according to an Italian court, which found 6 scientists and a former government official guilty of failing to provide adequate warning to townspeople and sentenced to six years each.
Of course, this is ridiculous.  These scientists are the scapegoats. But is the belief of these jurists any more ridiculous than the claims of some scientists who have convinced many we have the ability to control the Earth's climate? Why then should they be surprised that these simple folks, in some small town in Italy, think they should have the ability to accurately predict when and where a major earthquake should hit?
We've got these charlatans like Algore running around convincing people that "the earth has a fever", that man has caused it, and that we have the ability to fix it.  Or of a politicized global warming movement of "scientists" who pervert science and manipulate their findings to obtain government grants and promises of fame, convincing a gullible public that anthropogenic global warming is a fact, and that their theory is the final word, and even to question them gets you labeled a "denier"? This, despite millenniums of data that show warming and cooling trends throughout our history, long before the invention of the automobile or the advent of the Industrial revolution.
Therefore, does it not follow that we now have people who hold up these scientists as having the keys to unlock the secrets of the universe, be it climate change, tectonic plate shifts, or other natural disaster.  Hell, we still have people believe that George W. Bush steered Hurricane Katrina into New Orleans! As ridiculous as that is, it's not any more so than this story.
This is the logical conclusion of people who have been taught to believe that a scientific "theory" is verifiable fact, and a mankind that has become so arrogant that it believes that it can control nature.
God is having a good laugh right now.

Posted on October 22, 2012 at 7:45pm by Liz Klimas

L’AQUILA, Italy (TheBlaze/AP) — An Italian court has convicted seven scientists and experts of manslaughter for failing to adequately warn residents before an earthquake struck central Italy in 2009, killing more than 300 people. This defied assertions from some that earthquakes cannot be predicted.
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