FL GOP Voters Sent Fake Letters Questioning Citizenship

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While those on the left scream like stuck little pigs about voters being disenfranchised by having to show proof of their identity, we have this story of an actual attempt by those on the left who are trying to suppress GOP voting in the swing state of Florida.  According to the report, only GOP voters are receiving letters which attempt to intimidate them by questioning their citizenship, with the apparent goal of keeping them away from the polls.
This has all of the earmarks of ACORN, Organize Now, Florida Watch Action, or whatever they are calling themselves these days.  It will be interesting to find what the Feds turn up on this one, assuming Eric Holder doesn't stop the investigation before it gets started.
While Dems keep making accusations of voter suppression, isn't it curious how it's nearly always the Dems who keep getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar?

Feds to probe possible voter fraud in Florida Residents receiving false letters questioning citizenship, officials say
Author: Shaun Chaiyabhat, Reporter, schaiyabhat@clickorlando.com Published On: Oct 22 2012 04:20:49 PM EDT  Updated On: Oct 23 2012 09:56:54 AM EDT

ORLANDO, Fla. - Officials in Florida have issued a warning about a new trick trying to prevent voters from going to the polls.  Voters are getting letters that look like they are from local elections offices, questioning their citizenship. But Local 6 has learned the letters are fake, and they are going out across Central Florida and other parts of the state.

Officials said the voters who have received the letters thus far are white, registered Republicans who consistently vote in elections.
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