"Highball" with Chris Matthews: Criticizing Obama is UnConstitutional and Racist!

Posted by Brian
Maybe his show should be "Highball with Chris Matthews"
Here we go again.  Chris Matthews pulling out the race card again.  Discussing the Presidential debates with James Lipton of "Inside the Actors Studio, Chris Matthews reached into his racist bag again to smear Mitt Romney. Saying that Mitt Romney "looked down upon the President", he then said "we can only imagine what that was based upon". Only a fool would believe that that was not a not-so-veiled attempt at calling Mitt Romney a racist. Of course, to Chris Matthews any criticism by a conservative is based on their inherent racism, and couldn't possibly be based on legitimate policy disagreements.  And of course, any challenge to the President is considered rude and based on racism.
Earlier in the interview, Chris and Mr. Lipton are seen wringing their hands at the incivility in politics, and Mitt Romney in particular, with Chris claiming that it's now "unconstitutional" to challenge the President!
I don't know what Chris Matthews was like when he was drinking (he's supposedly stopped), but if this is how his mind works when he's sober, he must have been a hoot to hang out with when he was closing the bar.

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