Obama "Free Phone" Lady Only One In Long Line Of Obama-Zombies

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"Obama Phone" screen capture from ObamaPhone.net
Protester outside of Romney rally explains how Obama gives all poor people free phones and that is why they should vote for him. Cleveland Ohio, September 26, 2012
Background: Originally started as a landline phone program, and expanded under Bush to include simple cell phones, the program under Obama now costs taxpayers an estimated $1.6B, and includes "smartphones" with 250 "free" minutes, while some states charge $1 for phones with 1,000 minutes, and one state charging only $1 for unlimited minutes.
The lefties are twisting themselves into pretzels denying the whole "Obama Phone" thing, but until the video of this woman went viral, that's exactly how this program was promoted, as illustrated above by the screen capture of the ObamaPhone.net website. The website also mentions that they are looking at providing "free" wireless internet in the future.  How far behind can "free" Obama laptop computers be?
"Free", as in payed for by paying phone and internet subscribers, of course.

2009 - Thousands of people turned out in Detroit today and yesterday to receive "free" taxpayer money for nothing. Fights and chaos were reported by the local media.

This lady, Peggy Joseph, thinks Barack Obama will pay for her gas, mortgage, and who knows what else.

James T. Harris Talk Show, The National Conversation heard on News Radio 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee, WI.  "Obama Stash" first aired on WJR News Detroit story filed by Ken Rogulski

Obama Voter's Government Knowledge Test

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